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About Me

  1. OSIRIS MULTI HACK LEGIT CONFIG legit aim legit trigger bot - use "c" legit wall skins good designing 🙂enjoy. ' C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Osiris ' global_legit_why#7426.zip
  2. Selling my own and some other friend cfg's in csgo. Cheats=neverlose,onetap,onecrack v4,otc3,otc2,nixware,legendware,fatality,fatalitycrack,internium,skeet crack Please contact me here if ur intrested robyback#7785
  3. OSIRIS LEGIT CFG by ZAJKOS v1 Aimbot (or rather aim assist) under "c" - Rifles, PM, Pistols, (deagle poorly available) // Without weapons of all types negev Trigerbot under "c" - configured separately for each classic weapon // with the target sits beautifully you can flick and sit 90% of shots Chams - only visible + borders around opponents (red and blue) ESP - eyetracer set, life levels, armor, currently active weapon etc. AutoBH - without a strafe Reportbot - when you have it on ON it can bug you results tables (mute tm) SkinChanger - only knife and gloves And many more xd If a child were out, the VT Scan (once I did) detection 0 out of 58 [Hidden Content] I would love to hear your opinions about the .cfg quality (write what to improve, what's impossible, etc.) Follow .zip
  4. Hi, This config has head dot esp, if you wanna try no esp settings, just disable it =======This cfg contains======= ==================================== I hope ya"ll download and enjoy it. ❤️ .zip
  5. [Undetected] How to use: 1: Download file. 2: Start the tf2. 3: Inject dll. 4: Enjoy!! 😄 It doesent matter what injector your using [it has to be Undetected tho] CebulaV2_.dll deer dance.dll Lithium.dll that_one cshacked.pl.dll NudesWareBeta.zip
  6. Legit+rage config for PPhud made by me: Legit+Rage David.zip All you need to do is to download the file. Find PPHUD free in documents and drag the file there. When you inject the dll, the config can be found on misc in the top right corner. Just click it and click load. If you need help: discord david4k#3361
  7. The cfg is for closet cheater, if you wanna to be a streamer or make highlights video, that cfg is for you! I Made 2 cfgs 1 - Have wall, but does not have a aimbot 2- Not have wall, but have a legit aimbot And both have skin changer for all guns! If you think have problem with both cfg tell me and i will try fix it! ? Change log: Updated in: August 13, 2019 | 01:25( GMT 0 ) -New skins -Update Wall cfg Good cheating? Osiris Wall V4 Osiris Legit V5
  8. Legit config for Osiris made by me. All you need to do is to download the file. Find Osiris in documents and drag the file there. When you inject the dll, the config can be found on misc in the top right corner. Just click it and click load. If you need help: discord david4k#3361 Legit Osirirs by David
  9. really good skin and legit cfg for otc 🙂 ariboot.cfg VT:[Hidden Content] skins.cfg VT:[Hidden Content] ariboot.cfg skins.zip
  10. DL : [Hidden Content] My legit and rage/hvh cfg for onetap.su. If u have any suggestions , i would appreciate that :).
  11. Version: 1.0.7 Status: UNDETECTED the original cheat was published by CrypticX ShiftLeft at the closest player & Be Amazed!! AIMBOT WORKS NOW BUT I AM STILL RECONFIGURING SO THAT IT WON'T KEEP ON AIMING AT YOUR TEAMMATES!! HOWEVER, IT IS MORE FRIENDLY THAN SOME OTHERS!! **warning** ATTENTION: To use the tampmonkery script download tampermonkey ([Hidden Content]) The create a new tampermonkey script and paste in the code below. works on: shellshocker.io/ crackbox.zip
  12. I decided to upload my config file on here.. Aimbot is enabled on the chest, i have also enable wallhacks and a red dot on the heads on enemy's if you decide to play without the aimbot The name of the target folder for the config file is Osiris, you can find the folder in the Documents folder I think this config file is only working with Osiris.. You can download it Here I never got banned with this, only when i changed the aimbot to shoot on heads hope i could help some people out with this ? UPDATE!! CREATED NEW TOPIC!!!!
  13. FOR MORE INFORMATIONS ABOUT THE CHEAT VISIT OUR WEBSITE Status : Cheat : Undetected Videos : [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Prices : Weekly : 9$ Monthly : 30$ LifeTime : 70$ All vouches & videos on the discord server. discord.gg/unknownpremium
  14. Hello im part of a new server. Im a booster. I will boost u up in ranks Or get u badges that u need in the game. We only boost apex right now. The prices are affordable and pretty cheap. Invite link [Hidden Content] Or contact roby#4580
  15. Hello. Its a rockstar games account. It has 2.4m rp earned. And has over 60+ mil in bank. Alot of cars and ingame progress. After u purchase the account u get full access and u fully own the account. U can contact me here or on discord roby#4580 The price is 15 eur.
  16. Hello. The account got hijacked a long while ago in 2019/2020 It has alot of games over 40+ games in epic games. It has og stuff in fortnite. And is full access. After the purchase u recive the mail and epic games details. And the account fully belongs to u. More about fortnite. It has the old save the world so u get free vbucks every week. It has red knight and ride the pony that u could get only in season 2 battlepass. It has the reaper pix and this seasons battle pass +450 vbucks Price:looking around 30/50 eur. U can either msg me here or on the discord roby#4580
  17. Yea yk .............. SpecialcfgByr3dFoXx Updated cfg:.zip
  18. Legit config.zip
  19. C:\Users\sahil\OneDrive\Documents\Osiris Put this configs here Happy Cheating!! 🙂 1.Legit 2.Semi-Rage 3.zip
  20. yaaaaay am back with ma paste updated asf enjoy my boys (its trash at HvH so don't ) skeet.zip
  21. Version: 28/04/2021 status: use at your own risk New free code for Team Fortress 2, which you can download from our website. A very convenient hack that you can use pleasantly. The whole code is configured through a compact menu (called with the INSERT [INS] key). There are three main functions, namely a working Aimbot, with which your weapon fires accurately and directly at the target, the ESP function highlights your enemies with a bright color so you can see them through the textures on the map, and the BunnyHop function for fast map movement with fast jump. You will need any injector to make it work. disclamer: don't use this cheat on your real account! use alt! How to use: 1 - disable antivirus 2 - download cheat for the app 3 - start the game 4 - run the injector as administrator 5 - enter cheat 6 - click insert virustotal: [Hidden Content] i'm not the dev of this cheat, the original dev is MrVenomPL melancholy 28042021.zip
  22. Hi there young lad. Im here to resell a valorant cheat called bwh. Its a valorant cheat with chams,esp,aimbot,trigerbot,rcs. Its original sites and links [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] They sell it with one single payment that is bitcoin. Im here to help u out . Im reselling it and taking paypal or credit card ! IF UR INTRESTED CONTACT ME HERE OR ON DISCORD [Hidden Content]
  23. Hi guys im looking for novo invite or account u can dm me from discord for everything miletos#1351
  24. My config 🙂 Most guns have skins and a blue-ish loadout Since files are corrupted here is a download link .zip If you like it leave a comment or something 😁
  25. Hi sir/ma'mm This is a shop . We are selling only accounts. Account we have in stock Apex Csgo Steam Social Media Minecraft If u are intrested please join the discord server or add the owner [Hidden Content] robyback#7785
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