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Found 11 results

  1. Critical Hit OFFICIAL THREAD CONTACT DETAILS DISCORD Mitarashii#9843 or AlexMercer#4220 PRICE : 1 Day: 8$ 7 Days Key: 40$ 31 Days Key: 150$ Thanks for supporting us. ❤️ We are happy to present our new forum to you and in honor of this we are doing a big giveaway! What will you get? 2 Months Sub for Critical Hit cheat. What do you need to do to participate? 1. Be A CH user ( must have purchase CH in past at least 50$ ) 2. Have a CH User role on the forums. ( ask admins to give you if you don't have it ) How much winners? 2 Winners will be selected each of them will get 1 Month Sub. Buy : Sellix : https://checkhit.sellix.io/ (Paypal) Shoppy : https://shoppy.gg/@CHshoppy (Paypal) Selly : https://chantiviruspro.selly.store/ (BTC)
  2. DL : https://www81.zippyshare.com/v/jNDhUEdf/file.html My legit and rage/hvh cfg for onetap.su. If u have any suggestions , i would appreciate that :).
  3. I decided to upload my config file on here.. Aimbot is enabled on the chest, i have also enable wallhacks and a red dot on the heads on enemy's if you decide to play without the aimbot The name of the target folder for the config file is Osiris, you can find the folder in the Documents folder I think this config file is only working with Osiris.. You can download it Here I never got banned with this, only when i changed the aimbot to shoot on heads hope i could help some people out with this ? UPDATE!! CREATED NEW TOPIC!!!!
  4. ::::::::::::::::::::: ABOUT :::::::::::::::::::::: :: Status: Undetected What we offer? Valorant ESP/Wallhack This E.SP driver runs on your bios making it impossible to get detected. FEATURES × E.SP - Skeleton E.SP - Box E.SP - Health Bars × MORE - Stream-Proof - Fully Undetected DAY 3$ Week 19$ Month 39$ CONTACT US: #Discord: Sincey#0001 / ScandalTime#5627 https://discord.gg/zXXSeXQNzK
  5. timeisbuta who? Shit on overwatchers with this config, just dont make it obv and you wont get banned using this Legit Config C = Legit aim-assist P = Legit TriggerBot Backtrack is set to - 100ms you can increase it but i dont recommend it GL HF legit.cfg
  6. Multi Hack Glitch Beta design and Coded by artin yari Version : 0.1.3 Update : 2/1/2020 Download anonfile : https://anonfile.com/3aD4AcSan2/Glitch_Muti_Hack_rar Virus Total : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/bf7dd8623adf751c946659d59c9b17d8d298b4797dec4ca248c5f93f184193b2/detection bf7dd8623adf751c946659d59c9b17d8d298b4797dec4ca248c5f93f184193b2
  7. Visuals ESP Chams Skeleton Health Misc FovChanger Configs Changers GloveChanger SkinChanger KnifeChanger DOWNLOAD - SmallInternal 17.02.2019.zip VT - https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/c5b3aa6c55e951e13ca9f4ff9bd0d0c4710b15cb01d0aedf6b02af65366cf59c/detection
  8. Latest build: 20.09.2019 | Developer: Lynph Simple External cheat on CSGO with which you can play for free on the official servers of VALVE without a ban. According to the author, this hack will be updated every day, so stay tuned hack through our forum or through the official website of the developer. The functionality is modest, but for Legit games fit perfectly. TriggerBot, NoFlash, ESP and other features await you after you start the hack Ahewhore Developer site: http://r90241ep.beget.tech/ DOWNLOAD HACK: Ahewhore.zip VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/069ec44f944a162e62f12fb88f11103cd24caf9a6d1dbca6715a0b3f43a4f344/detection
  9. Version: 13/09/2019 | Developer: COD3RIN | Status: UD Simple really safe Wallhack on CS: GO from the author COD3RIN. Use any working injector to open .DLL file. Wallhack function removes textures on the map and thus you can see your enemies through the walls. DOWNLOAD HACK + SOURCE CODE: Wallhack.zip VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/03920418d30ac54593e7fe27f41ee7e783dac4fe020ebeb463241d541328cecc/detection
  10. Heya people, I decided to make another config for osiris because Osiris is updated a couple of times and didn't have time to update my configfile Let me know if you think i should make a change somewhere in the config hope everyone enjoys it ? If you don't wanna read the info, just scroll down, download is on the bottom of this post ? ====INFO==== ====Aimbot==== -Silent -Visible Only -Nearest Bone -FOV: 1.20 -Smooth:1 ====Anti Aim==== -Enabled (Not sure it works) ====Glow==== -Enemies (Health Based) -Planting+Defusing (Rainbow) ====ESP==== -Head Dot (Red) -Name (Blue) -Health (Green) ====Sounds==== -Enemy footsteps: 200% ====Misc==== -Menu Key: INSERT -Bunny Hop -Sniper Crosshair -Radar Hack -Reveal Ranks -Spectator List -Watermark ====Skin Changer==== -Karambit (Autotronic) -AK-47 (Aquamarine Revenge) -AWP (Dragon Lore) -Deagle (Oxide Blaze) ====DOWNLOAD==== .zip
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