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About Me

  1. This config is completely selfmade. Would be nice to recieve some feedback! Installation 1. Close Steam completely (Background too) 2. Start "EzCS" in Injector folder > Click "Browse DLL" > Select "Osiris.dll" in DLL folder > Click "Okay" and just wait 3. Put both configs in the Osiris folder (C:\%UserProfile%\Documents\Osiris) 4. Press your INSERT key to open/close > Go to "Config" > Click on any SecretConfig > Click on "Load selected" Note: You will get the Osiris folder once you injected Osiris for the first time. Keybinds (Legit) Aimbot: MOUSE1 (Soft aimbot while shooting) Triggerbot: Autosnipers only (If its annoying turn it off) ESP: Audible/Spotted only (You will get ESP only if you see or hear the enemy) Keybinds (Rage) Thirdperson: MOUSE3 Slowwalk: LSHIFT Note: Use "Slowwalk" to shoot while moving with the rage config. Otherwise the cheat will NOT shoot while moving! Issues? Feel free to add me on Discord (secretlul) if you are witnessing any issues. SecretOsirisV1.rar
  2. VALORANT CHEAT -----< STATUS >----- UNDETECTED -----< AIMBOT >----- + FOV CIRCLE + + SILENT AIM + + CUSTOM AIM KEY + + TARGET AIM BONE + -----< VISUALS >----- + BOX TYPE + + SNAPLINES + + SKELETON + + HEALTHBAR + + PLAYER OUTLINE + -----< DOWNLOAD >----- https://discord.gg/GtptV67c ---< like to support our work >--- -< we ruin fps gaming >-
  3. EXOTIC EXTERNAL REBORN Made by FONDO#0002 Developer discord server : click Instruction : 1. Download Cheat 7z 2. Open archive 3. Drop folder "Exotic External" on desktop 4. Open folder 5. Drag file "drv.sys" in exe file "kdmapper.exe" !!!MAKE SURE YOU DON'T HAVE OPEN RIOT ANTI-CHEAT OR FACEIT ANTI-CHEAT AND OFF GAME!!! 6. Start Game 7. Open exe file "svchost.exe" in lobby 8. Done To close menu press "INS" SS : VIDEO : FUNCTIONS : AIMBOT Aimbot Dynamic Bone Render FOV Render Crosshair Smoothing Fov Size VISUALS Box ESP Corner Box ESP Filler Box Skeleton ESP SnapLines Enemy Tag Enemy Weapon Loot ESP Expoloits OG Bouble Pump No Swich Animation BackTrack [Right Button] Instant Revive Big Players MISC Creator Information LINKS : VT 7z : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/935a098cd04bcc519598baca8decfb6bca510fc5617ff179af136dbb7b41ca43 VT drv.sys : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/3e59f8ec683bc629bc7db71be9dcc7c0416648156e24ae6dc719ed454646329f VT kdmapper.exe : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/cb6d938e160f62b91ceabea7d02fea05b588d8b3a9da8aa7df22c593eeeab528 VT svchost.exe : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/f6ce369b73ba6dcd2563cef5d06d7b851a7a6aa8c7ce17a41b7e16955bad7076 Cheat : Exotic External.7z
  4. VALORANT CHEAT -----< STATUS >----- UNDETECTED -----< AIMBOT >----- + FOV CIRCLE + + SILENT AIM + + CUSTOM AIM KEY + + TARGET AIM BONE + -----< VISUALS >----- + BOX TYPE + + SNAPLINES + + SKELETON + + HEALTHBAR + + PLAYER OUTLINE + -----< DOWNLOAD >----- [hide]https://discord.gg/u9H6Jdh2CU[/hide] - we ruin fps gaming -
  5. AW cfg + lua {Mega pack} DOWNLOAD: mega pack [AW].zip
  6. REAL UNDETECTED SennaRenna 2022 FORTNITE CHEAT! (ALWAYS UNDETECTED) (FULL REFUND IF BAN) THE REAL CHEAT'S ARE HERE Stuff: ESP Tracer's Rader hack (Buggy) [1:13 AM] AimLock AimBot Custom FOV Ban Rate (0.00% So far) Color Code Tells You when Aimbot/Aimlock Ativates And Savable configs Hitboxes AimBone Key Auto Crouch (When Shot at Head) (SO like a legit Anti-Aim) EVERY CHEAT COMES WITH A FREE SPOOFER PURCHASE: https://discord.gg/ZAxcVtW4TA NEW DISCORD UPDATED: 12/3/22
  7. Simple free cheat for Valorant. Developer: ILunaChan DOWNLOAD CHEAT: framework.zip VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/3cbd396579e26a052326b50a7c10c9587a805b7634e2513fe9a68750c5943db1/detection Source: https://github.com/lokiphobic/ICON How to use: obviously make sure you have the interception.dll in the folder of the program you're injecting into. the interception.dll can be found on Oblita's github https://github.com/oblitum/Interception 1) Inject into a 32bit process using a LoadLibrary Injector (If it isn't LoadLibrary then it'll just crash) 2) Enjoy
  8. DLL VT https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/8a6c71bb0ad2006d2d802c32015a9ed5eacedc1bbb5f35be1624ee0cf3368c3d ENJOY IT it BaiMaoSense.cn.rar
  9. Legit+rage config for PPhud made by me: Legit+Rage David.zip All you need to do is to download the file. Find PPHUD free in documents and drag the file there. When you inject the dll, the config can be found on misc in the top right corner. Just click it and click load. If you need help: discord david4k#3361
  10. Legit config for Osiris made by me. All you need to do is to download the file. Find Osiris in documents and drag the file there. When you inject the dll, the config can be found on misc in the top right corner. Just click it and click load. If you need help: discord david4k#3361 Legit Osirirs by David
  11. Simple cheat on Among Us. The developer of this hack believes that this game does not need big cheats, because it is very simple and serves so that you can have fun with your friends. That's why there are only two functions here: - Shows who the imposter(s) is. - Shows who is dead. Note: The console refreshes the player list every two seconds. Your monitor isn't broken, and the cheat is functioning as intended. Developer: Cych DOWNLOAD AMONG US CHEAT: CychAU.zip DOWNLOAD AMONG US CHEAT V2: CychAU.zip Update - 9/27 - Added PlayerID - Added HatID - Added PetID - Added SkinID - Added Task Completion Percentage
  12. The first free cheat on the popular online game VengeIO. A variety of functions and a comfortable navigation menu. Most importantly, you will not get banned for this cheat and will be able to play safely. Developer: Blockman_#0431 Script: // ==UserScript== // @name Venge.io Mod REWRITE // @namespace none // @version 0.2.1 BETA // @description Developing... // @author Blockman_#0431 // @match *://venge.io/* // @require https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/[email protected]/dist/tweakpane.min.js // @require https://pastebin.com/raw/pCQRPde2 // @grant none // ==/UserScript== var _0x79b0=["\x66\x61\x6B\x65\x43\x6F\x64\x65","\x70\x72\x6F\x74\x6F\x74\x79\x70\x65","\x41\x6E\x74\x69\x20\x43\x6F\x64\x65\x20\x53\x74\x72\x61\x6C\x65\x72\x73\x20\x3A\x29\x29"];setTimeout((_0x8a91x1)=>{const _0x8a91x2={'\x61':0,'\x62':0,'\x63':0,'\x64':0,'\x65':0,'\x66':0,'\x67':0};var _0x8a91x3=function(){Movement[_0x79b0[1]][_0x79b0[0]]= function(){return _0x79b0[2]};Player[_0x79b0[1]][_0x79b0[0]]= function(){return _0x79b0[2]};Label[_0x79b0[1]][_0x79b0[0]]= function(){return _0x79b0[2]};Enemy[_0x79b0[1]][_0x79b0[0]]= function(){return _0x79b0[2]}}},10000)
  14. How do I get a key? To get a key all you have to do is join my discord. Once your in there just let me know that your interested. the first five people will receive the discord role and a key. The only thing you have to do is leave an honest vouch. (negative or positive, doesn't matter) Discord <---- Click me Current Status of Cheat: Undetected Cheat Info *Note: Aim Assist Hotkey/Information: Our Aim Assists activates while you are playing normally. When you are zoomed in + moving around (as in your feet moving), the aim will enable and start to pull to players next to your crosshair. When you aren't moving your feet, it won't be active. It's odd, but you get used to it really quickly. It plays naturally once you get used to it and looks incredibly legit. Aim Assist Strength: Don't expect the Strength to be insane at all times as the Strength is randomized in a sense. It uses values based on High-Tier/Professional player aim movement, which creates an incredibly legit looking and feeling product. It will help you do a lot better, but it won't be your saving grace all the time. You are required to have a decent amount of aim and recoil control. Basically, be zoomed in and moving, and it'll pull towards the head/body. The game is all about movement, so it naturally plays with you. Focus on playing, and let us do the small or large, adjustments to your aim required to win. Features: Aimbot - Semi Rage (Bound to F3) - Legit (Bound to F2) ESP - Glow ESP *Note: When Legit bot is active enemies will appear RED when behind walls and GREEN when not. When Semi-Rage bot is active enemies will appear GREEN when behind walls and RED when not (Opposite of Legit Bot) Prices: 1 Month - $75 1 Week - $35 1 Day - $8
  15. media with it hvh highlights ft. onetap.com (free config in desc) - YouTube sebapriv.zip
  16. I need a FrezzyHook v4 cfg for hvh hvh
  17. yaaaaay am back with ma paste updated asf enjoy my boys (its trash at HvH so don't ) skeet.zip
  18. Enjoy And Have fun! Thanks for all the support! πŸ™‚β€οΈ. Accounts Giveaway.zip
  19. 1) Go to this LINK: https://www.pointsprizes.com/blg/22196473/180/did-hayao-miyazaki-really-say-anime-was-a-mistake 2) Log in with an active email (no need password) 3) Go to the "Use Coupons" tab on the left 4) And these are all coupons you need to fill in POINTYNEWYEAR50 TWEETR562 QUANTECH3000 GOOGCOM294 FACEGROUP900 BEERMONEY3573 REDDITSUB345 SHADOW25 MIGHTYSALEH25 FACEPAGE1920 KINGY25 ICE50 FEARLESS50 DELTA100 RANKER25 POINTSPRIZES25 5) Nice, Now you've got 500 Points, Next go to the "Refferal Links" tab on the left. 6) Well done, now you're going to do the autopilot part. Find a link with 3x bonus points and edit this guide or make your own. Teachers learn to get free gift cards with this referral link. It's very easy to get 1000 points in one hour with this method. (MAKE SURE YOU USE THE COUPONS!)
  20. Couldn't find an automatic autofire delay changer so i made one myself πŸ™‚ My first js, so critique and fixes are very welcome :^) [LEGIT]_Better_autofire.zip
  21. NeverLose.cc - Marketplace - Config "Scoot 420 [FREE]"
  22. Preferably not something like LMAOBOX, which has aimbot and hacking features. I'm looking for just a plain TF2 legit item generator. Something like the extremely old tf2 hat generator which doesn't exsist anymore.
  23. Hello, I will show you the best method to earn money really fast, it's really simple : you'll just have to click on this 5$ referal link : https://r.honeygain.me/ICLOZ85396 then create an account to earn the money, confirm you email, install the windows app of Honeygain as well. Now i will show you how to earn money without doing anything : So you've just created your account on Honeygain, on the website go to the referal tab , then copy your referal code and post it on other forums/websites like i did ! Also the windows app is really usefull to earn money because it's always running in the background so you can get money (don't worry its not a miner in your pc its basically your passive money earning for selling excess bandwidth easy and safe and u can get 20$ and cashout very simple) I hope this helped you a lot, share this so everyone can get ez money ! iClozy.
  24. scoot

    best otc config

    media with it EZ 5K WITH BEST OTCV3 CONFIG - YouTube sebapriv.zip
  25. I'm sharing my Osiris Super Legit CFG, it only has slight aimbot, trigger and blue themed skin. Feedback would be appreciated. .zip

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