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  1. VALORANT CHEATS & HACKS 2023 EUCheats Offers cheap and undetected Valorant hacks and it's one of the best cheats on the market 2024. OS Supported - Win 7/8/8.1/10/11 32 & 64bit AC Supported - Riot - Vanguard Anti-Cheat. Price Start From - 5.00€ MENU SHOWCASE: VIDEO: Our Valorant Cheat has many features which allow you to ruin the game and defeat your enemies easily. This Hack can be used in all Valorant servers such as Unrated, Competitive, Spike rush, Deathmatch & Custom games. Our TriggerBot allows you to shoot & target the competitor first, which gives you a huge advantage in winning the game. On key is a feature available on the TriggerBot. After selecting your key, All you need to do is holding your selected key and wait for the enemy to cross to kill him. Also, This TriggerBot fits with all enemy highlight colors (Red, Purple & Yellow). Use BunnyHopping feature to escape & dodge enemy bullets, Auto-Pistols & Auto-Shoot can be used at the same time. We also have Save / Load settings buttons (Save button - to save your configurations / Load button - to load your saved settings) Wallhack Valorant, Aimbot Valorant, No Recoil Hack & Skinchanger Valorant soon? yes probably next year 2023! The EUCHeats Valorant Cheat is almost Free Valorant hack (it's only 5€). Valorant Cheat Page: https://eucheats.com/pages/Valorant-Cheats/ Upgrade from here: https://eucheats.com/account/upgrades
  2. Legit config for Osiris made by me. All you need to do is to download the file. Find Osiris in documents and drag the file there. When you inject the dll, the config can be found on misc in the top right corner. Just click it and click load. If you need help: discord david4k#3361 Legit Osirirs by David
  3. VirusTotal Info Virus Total Links: Installer: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/d6590891ca748762785d91e5654de7c134e5c7f171d6744e7109908035cc68c0 RAKIALoader: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/4dc2990a40416976f2fab4b366127309b62c62d6324c802bca366cd3059408dd Projects a webpage on the loader + Detection Downloads files / creates files + Detection Contacts multiple IPs + Detection Obfuscation and Security purposes + Detection Info About RAKIA RAKIA Valorant Woofer | Temp Woofer No restart needed So what is RAKIA : Rakia is a MultiLoader for cheats and spoofers Video ShowCase: Here is how to get the RAKIA RAKIALoader Website : Download RAKIALoader installer. Step 1 Once you've installed the RAKIALoader, launch the loader by double-clicking the desktop shortcut. Step 2 To get a key, Click on the link that on the title and complete the 3 ads. After completing the ads, a "Copy Key" button will appear. Click on the "Copy Key" button to copy the key to your clipboard. Step 3 On the RAKIALoader login screen, enter your key / paste and click the "Login" button. Important to note ⚠️ It's important to note that you must run the loader as an administrator in order for it to work properly. Right-click on the RAKIALoader shortcut and select "Run as administrator" from the context menu. Our discord server h6xe4p_1.mp4
  4. SazInjector This injector is safe from VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) Really easy to use Working injector for popular online games and not only from the developer Saz. This injector will help you run the downloaded .dll file of the hack, it is really easy to use the injector SazInjector will do it quickly and without failures. The injector was tested by me personally on the CS:GO game and everything went well, but the author claims that SazInjector works with any game. Download and check yourself, questions and recommendations in the comments or on the discord server. SCREENSHOT : WINRAR PASSWORD: 123 Read Me : Download :
  5. https://anonfile.com/MaNcb36en9/RecklezSecurity_rar https://anonfile.com/X2N8bc67n7/Onetap_rar https://anonfile.com/Y3N6b46en9/ACODIN.CC_rar https://anonfile.com/ldO6b862n0/StackHack_rar https://anonfile.com/2aO3bb63n3/Mirror_by_FreaK_rar https://anonfile.com/05Peb564n5/Rifk7_rar https://anonfile.com/qaQbbc6ena/XONE_rar
  6. Created By Cri/GeorgiaCri Download: https://github.com/virtualsociopath/GameSense-Menu Video: gsmenu.mp4
  7. here is the latest zeer skinchanger when cracked make sure to upload it in this topic = ) loader_(1).zip
  8. Why waste your time when you have NexisSmurfs.cf one click away? We offer you the best CS:GO smurf accounts at a considerably low price. We can assure you that the purchase process is safe and simple. Plus, you get our quality support if/when you face any trouble. 👑THE BEST ACCOUNTS MARKETPLACE👑 Without a high-maintained account, you can easily achieve the success you have always dreamt of. We have a variety of options available in our CS:GO account shop. With these you can easily out-aim lower-ranked opponents and polish your skills. ✔️VERIFIED AND TRUSTED✔️ When it comes to gaming, breach of data is quite easy and also very common. Similarly, tricks and hacks can be used to improve rankings and the benefits that come with high ranks. To prevent this from happening, we cross-check and verify every user account and also temporarily disable inactive accounts. We ensure that there is no third-party software used for boosting. 💳Payment methods💳 Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin Our site: http://nexissmurfs.cf/
  9. Selling my own and some other friend cfg's in csgo. Cheats=neverlose,onetap,onecrack v4,otc3,otc2,nixware,legendware,fatality,fatalitycrack,internium,skeet crack Please contact me here if ur intrested robyback#7785
  10. lambda's hvh config leaked for gamesense.vip lambdas_hvh_cfg_unhittable_vanilla_aa.vip
  11. Insane hvh config for gamesense.vip! [HIDE]https://anonfiles.com/Jdf8640fy1/sick_hvh_cfg_vip[/HIDE]
  12. OSIRIS LEGIT CFG by ZAJKOS v1 Aimbot (or rather aim assist) under "c" - Rifles, PM, Pistols, (deagle poorly available) // Without weapons of all types negev Trigerbot under "c" - configured separately for each classic weapon // with the target sits beautifully you can flick and sit 90% of shots Chams - only visible + borders around opponents (red and blue) ESP - eyetracer set, life levels, armor, currently active weapon etc. AutoBH - without a strafe Reportbot - when you have it on ON it can bug you results tables (mute tm) SkinChanger - only knife and gloves And many more xd If a child were out, the VT Scan (once I did) detection 0 out of 58 https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/7ae86333c50b8c491b970df6a103f9d30416adccae334f74abc397d94db1ab00/summary I would love to hear your opinions about the .cfg quality (write what to improve, what's impossible, etc.) Follow .zip
  13. hello im selling high quality of imgui desing for you 1/ you want this cheat loader source desing 2/ you want costom high quality desing for your loader + cheat menu 3/ you want low quality protection/anti cracking 4/ you want high quality protection/anti cracking price in my discord : https://discord.gg/qMPZ7v9JgP
  14. Legit+rage config for PPhud made by me: Legit+Rage David.zip All you need to do is to download the file. Find PPHUD free in documents and drag the file there. When you inject the dll, the config can be found on misc in the top right corner. Just click it and click load. If you need help: discord david4k#3361
  15. ︾︾︾︾︾︾︾︾︾︾︾︾︾︾︾︾︾︾Cfg made by me and 2 of my friends.God dt, rarely misses.Includes cool js like monolith, vote reveal and aa builders. Feel free to use and improve it in any ways )︾︾︾︾︾︾︾︾︾︾︾︾︾︾︾︾︾︾ https://anonfiles.com/L1s3A5nfp9/xilohne5re_s_hvh_rar media1_Trim.mp4 xilohne5re's_hvh.zip
  16. scripts.zip
  17. Hey guys! We have tons of paid, leaked scripts and configs on our discord. For examples, enjoy these configs! For more, JOIN MY NEW DISCORD COMMUNITY! https://discord.gg/mvtmdvz8Jq On our discord: Titflop cracked and a lot more paid scripts leaked! Configs for: skeet, otc, otv4, legendware, aimware, fatality, luckycharms, nixware and more! https://discord.gg/mvtmdvz8Jq Deadpool_Onetap_V4.zip Deadpool_OTC.zip Deadpool_OTC_V3_scripts.zip
  19. For Auto sniper only start's to shoot from min damage to headshot you will love it ❤️ HITMO_MIN_DAMAGE.zip
  20. todays guys the most of cheats you inject it work but nothing shows in menu so i have 4 solutions to fix this !!! 1 - enable multi core rendering in game settings most of cheats need this to work perfectly 2 - type -disable_d3d9ex in csgo launch options settings to not meet problmes in menu of cheats such as gray screen or something 3 - install fonts of cheats some of cheats come with dll and not come with fonts so i upload some necessary fonts to cheats in topic 4 - change your injector to another injector some cheats not compatibility with most of injecors so try another one and it will fix NOTE !! please use our cheats in our website cheater.fun or in our forum corsair.wtf it's safe 100% and no problmes with it GLHF csgo cheats fonts.zip
  21. Features: 15,000 Commends (500 Commends a day), Lifetime Hourbooster, Watchlist, Banchecker bot for your personal discord & OW Bot Solver (soon). Prices (Monthly): (BTC/LTC)/Cashapp 1 Month = 14.99€ PayPal (Friends and Family)/Swish 1 Month = 16.99€ TF2 Keys 1 Month = 15 Keys Steam Gift Card 1 Month = 19.99€ Additional subscriptions/upgrades (Monthly) Commends 500 extra commends (1000 total/day) 14.99€ Crypto (BTC/LTC)/Cashapp 16.99€ PayPal (Friends and Family)/Swish 1000 extra commends (1500 total/day) 29.99€ Crypto (BTC/LTC)/Cashapp 33.99€ PayPal (Friends and Family)/Swish 1500 extra commends (2000 total/day) 44.99€ Crypto (BTC/LTC)/Cashapp 50.99€ PayPal (Friends and Family)/Swish 2000 extra commends (2500 total/day) Reselling permissions - Reseller plan allows you to sell commends for money & use the discord bot to report and commend! 59.99€ Crypto (BTC/LTC)/Cashapp 67.99€ PayPal (Friends and Family)/Swish Lifetime Hourbooster (30 Games & Unlimited hours) 19.99€ Crypto (BTC/LTC)/Cashapp 22.99€ PayPal (Friends and Family)/Swish Extra Hourbooster Slot 14.99€ Crypto (BTC/LTC)/Cashapp 16.99€ PayPal (Friends and Family)/Swish Premium Extras Dont have the money to afford a sub? No problems, you can also buy individual commends without a sub. 1€ per 100 commends. Check out our site for more information, Sinlyxe.cc or contact me directly on discord @p0hjan#4714
  22. another nixware crack enojoy https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/c4204074ecc45b3cc0ace4b71c91b759798890c0e2ff639f61559523cda118e3 Download deleted by ZoT ❤️ Decided to make an example of this brain dead child
  23. Legit config.zip
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