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  1. 1550 points
    A large pack of private configs for the onetap v3 CRACK cheat. In this archive, each player will find the desired config.❤️ pack by JIoJIka cfg otcv3.zip
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    As you know, the OneTap (OTC) v3 hack cracked yesterday. This is a powerful cheat for HVH servers in the CS: GO game, a convenient menu and many different functions. I upload for you a working DLL + working configs with which you can surprise other players. Download OTC v3 cheat: onetap_v3.zip VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/72fbdb5eeb0e56201b5077e8bfc031e84352388085fb779a0efc98c2b5a5fbd3/detection crack by es3n1n, randomwise, pindos ❤️ Download CFG for OTC v3: CFG Folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\ot Script Folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\ot\scripts
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    SazInjector This injector is safe from VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) Really easy to use Working injector for popular online games and not only from the developer Saz. This injector will help you run the downloaded .dll file of the hack, it is really easy to use the injector SazInjector will do it quickly and without failures. The injector was tested by me personally on the CS:GO game and everything went well, but the author claims that SazInjector works with any game. Download and check yourself, questions and recommendations in the comments or on the discord server. SCREENSHOT : WINRAR PASSWORD: SazZ Read Me : Download :
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    Hey there... I made a simple loader that can load any cheat It doesn't have all cheats out there but if you want me to add a cheat you can DM (BETA#0530) Screenshot: Features: Q. What does it do? A. it loads some popular cheats Q. The loader doesn't have all the cheats out there A. I added some cheats that most of you would like to use it Q. The loader has errors how can I fix it? A. You can DM me (BETA#0530) with the error Q. I have a suggestion or I want a cheat to be added, what should I do? A. DM me (BETA#0530) Q. What does VAC bypasser do? A. It just preventing VAC from detecting the hooks that the cheat uses it to make functions work Q. Who is better “BetaLoader” or “other loaders” A. It depends on what u will use it for Like if u want to be undetected Other injectors isn’t the best thing Why?. they or he uses a injecting method made from 2008 and he don’t use any strings on consts to make the injector undetected every update BetaLoader will be very good for you Why?: it uses a next level injecting method First it inject the dll to the steam process and from steam.exe it inject the cheat dll as it is a normal VAC dll and after it inject the VAC bypasser will make the dll after injecting undetectable for VAC Q. Is VPM make sense? A. Yes, it makes the hex and hooks of the dll change But if VAC got update and u dont have the source of the dll so u can make the hooks deferent it will be useless (That’s what i use on HeadRipper) So if ur using BetaLoader it will not necessary But if u use Other injectors it will be helpful. Q. Why my AV detecting it? A. Because i use a protection on it so it will appear as malicious . DOWNLOAD https://bit.ly/BetaLoaderV3 VT https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/9b622fa145f757d5e90fa67e77996db6dea3ccf9e375f722887f63e278526e23/detection How to use? 1. Turn off antivirus 2. Run the loader 3. Click on the cheat you wan tot inject safely. if you have any suggestions or errors make sure to DM me (BETA#0530) And if you found it helpful you can donate Here (https://paypal.me/ImStillBETA) you will help the loader and help me too! Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/AYZutJEtH2 BetaLoader Topic on Cheater.run ( https://cheater.run/injectors/2276-betaloader-best-csgo-loader.html ) All updates is uploaded to the same link (https://bit.ly/BetaLoaderV3) Thanks.
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    Valorant ESP, Silent Aim, Aimbot I created a valorant cheat and have been spending a lot of time developing it. I have created a powerful esp (link to ss), silent aim and aimbot which are all undetected since release ( i even made it to immortal +, https://ibb.co/Wzx9rQ6 ) If you are looking for more evidence of the cheat , you can go to my discord, https://discord.gg/uMygV2VQqf or contact me privately via Omerta#6528 Full Features Streamable Able to stream the game without seeing the hack Silent aim (My cheat is the only cheat that has this) Will aim at your target while also allowing you to move your mouse. Esp - Esp Draw Team - Draw Boxes - Draw Skeleton - Show Distance - Show Laser - Show Health Aimbot - Configurable Aimkey - Adjustable Smooth - Adjustable FOV - Draw FOV Circle Inbuilt Spoofer Spoofs your HWID, so that you cant get HWID Banned XRadar A Seperate Radar that shows locations of the enemies (https://streamable.com/86w7ur) Sound ESP Picks up sounds and displays them on the screen. Soon to be here: RCS ( Recoil control spray ) Helps to automatically control your recoil so your aim and spray is as accurate as possible in the game All Versions of Windows are supports, Both CPUs are supported to! IM CONSTANTLY UPDATING AND DEVELOPING THIS CHEAT (Me destroying diamonds, https://ibb.co/df4Ny14) Prices I'm having discounts with my hacks currently so its at a very good price. 1 Day: 20 Euro 7 Days: 50 Euro 30 Days: 100 70 Euro (^LIMITED ONLY THIS MONTH) (I am currently the only one who has developed silent aim and has it as a feature) Payment Methods Bitcoin Paypal If your interested, as mentioned above, you can contact my discord server, https://discord.gg/uMygV2VQqf or my discord,Omerta#6528
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    Here are the best configs for ot v3 crack tapped skeet password: 123 Config for prime: chams, radar Obv hacking config: wh, backtrack Semi-rage: ragebot without autowall Config Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\ot Javascrpit Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\ot\scripts LilKid_OTChvh.zip LilKid27Prime.zip obvhackinglilkid.zip LilKid27_Semi-Rage.zip JavascrpitsForOnetap.zip
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    Hi! Excellent Aimbot on Valorant which I use personally for two days, there is no ban. Settings for an inconspicuous game, as well as for an aggressive one, I put here. Share your settings, I will add them to the topic 💙 (Rage Setting) Legit Setting: aimbot - on triggerbot - off speed - 0,50 fov x - 30 fov y -30 offset - 4 fire rate - 100 purple aimkey - on hold - on LeftMouse VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/345ba3091404ac5d142a1b59daa7ea9bfc8c5ed66ab043ca6673a243a7767aa4/detection DOWNLOAD: Release.zip
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    CFG for CSGO cheat PPHUD beta v3.0 pphud_cfg_super_legit.zip pphud_cfg_simple.zip pphud_cfg_legit.zip
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    To date, this cheat is the best free and working hack on Apex Legends. Follow the instructions and you will be able to see players through the walls using the Wallhack function (ESP), and you will also be able to shoot much more accurately thanks to the Aimbot function (aim) Developer: Cazzaaaaa & TheCruZ | Last update: 10/01/2021 | Status: UNDETECTED Compatible with: Steam (Origin unknown) DOWNLOAD: (password: 123) Direct EFI Aimbot and Glow Hack - fix.zip VirusTotal: Click me How to use: 1. Put the files from "put on usb" onto a usb drive 2. Restart PC open Boot Manager, Select EUFI USB. 3. A menu should display, type fs0: press enter then load memory.efi press enter then exit 4. If memory.efi is not found try fs1: fs2: etc instead of fs0: 5. If successfully loaded and you get blue screen load up windows 6. Open notepad.exe as Admin then drag new.dll onto INJ.exe once it says waiting for apex launch game. You will see the menu once u load into lobby For v2.1 use this as a reference as what to input for the aim keys https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/inputdev/virtual-key-codes Input the 0x01 instead of VK_LBUTTON etc This is an example to show you how to fill out the new options. The rest of the options are toggleable once in lobby v2.1 Changelog (More coming soon & will upload later): - 2x Custom aim key selectors added - Aim at team toggle added - Vis check toggle added - Aim switcher toggle will now switch between the custom key 1 and custom key 2 instead of LMB & RMB - Previously removed spectator options are now back just before you select aim key. https://prnt.sc/w6kqh3
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    Best free inventory changer for CS:GO What we have: opening cases adding music souvenir sets profile changer convenient cfg system DOWNLOAD: zeer.zip VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/839fffd5e1ca674a97a23985527f78002e3eca3b2132d4386e264c59bb7748df/detection
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    PPHUD is an excellent cheat on CSGO that you can download for free from this theme, additionally install a ready-made version of the settings of this hack. The main functionality here is LegitBot functions, but the developer additionally added an active RageBot, as well as skinchanger and other functions. Developer: Ozelotick | Last update: 09/01/2021 | Status: UNDETECTED DOWNLOAD: application.zip(password: 123) VirustTotal: Click me CFG Folder: Documents/PPHUD Beta/ CFG by Ozelotick: legit.zip (Legit) Cfg PPHUD 2021 (Pack): cfg pack.zip
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    so vetid (a trusted guy who post otv2 and v3 update ) made a loader with otcv2 and otcv3 updated and he is going to update them constantly. here is his github where you can download the loader : https://github.com/vetid/otcfix have fun !
  14. 439 points
    Here's my ot config, and tbh i think is the best free cfg Binds: thirdperson = x fd = z manual aa = arrows dt = m5 hs = m4 auto peek = m3 (i don't use it) min damage override = v slowwalk = shift tapped fatality, aimware & nemesis cfg location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\ot js location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\ot\scripts enjoy :3 OTcfgByLilKid.rar
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    A simple AHK script for the game Valorant that you can download from our site. This is a full-fledged script with which you can use functions such as Aimbot - with this function, you will only shoot at the head of the enemy and the NoRecoil function, which serves to disable the spread of bullets from your weapon. Follow the instructions and you will succeed. Developer: arthure | Last update: 22.04.2020 NORECOIL: norecoil_corsair.wtf.zip COLOR AIMBOT (AHK SCRIPT): ahk_corsair.wft.rar config works great with 800dpi+0.6 sens ingame, dont forget to check your resolution and if its different than 1920 1080 you need to set script to fit your resolution and sens. Everything should work perfectly, let me know what you think. how to customize: while GetKeyState("LButton") && A_TickCount - Start < 150 150 is time in miliseconds how long aimbot will work when you hold left mouse button(It's necessary to make no-recoil work, you can check different values but remember to edit no-recoil too) ScanL := ZeroX - 75 ScanR := ZeroX + 75 ScanT := ZeroY - 100 ScanB := ZeroY + 100 FOV 75 pixels left/right 100 pixels up/down DllCall("Sleep", UInt, 0.001) 0.001 ispause between mouse moving, you can try 0-50 DllCall("mouse_event", uint, 1.75, int, MoveX * 1.45, int, MoveY * 1, uint, 0, int, 0) mouse moving speed as well (1.75 how fast it moves left/right 1.45 how fast it moves up/down) ColVn := 45 lower 45 it if your crosshair going crazy RootX := Ceil(( AimOffsetX ** ( 1 / 1.65 ))) RootY := Ceil(( AimOffsetY ** ( 1 / 1.65 ))) 1.65 you can try 1.2 up to 3, speed moving as well AimY := AimPixelY+3 - ZeroY crosshair goes 3 pixels lower than head, you can change to 0 up to 20 How to add your own no-recoils? 1. First of all set your valorant sens in spark.cfg multiplied by 3.1818 1.5. In txt file 5th line is number of moves and 6th line is time each move so for example if you use 300 moves script for phantom you need to set 0.009 each move. 0.009x300=2,7s firing for all the bullets from phantom. 2. In cmd set txt file you want to use/edit 3. in game press ctrl+delete 4. in game press shift 5. now FIRE and hold it to record, if you don't like it just stop holding and try again(it won't save unless you fire all the bullets or full time you set) SPACE will cancel the recording. PAUSE/UNPAUSE no recoil with ctrl+caps lock 150miliseconds in aimbot script means you should leave 14 first lines in no-recoil script without moving for 250, 0.108 settings(vandal) Source ahk script: rsistent #KeyHistory, 0 #NoEnv #HotKeyInterval 1 #MaxHotkeysPerInterval 127 #InstallKeybdHook #UseHook #SingleInstance, Force SetKeyDelay,-1, 8 SetControlDelay, -1 SetMouseDelay, -1 SetWinDelay,-1 SendMode, InputThenPlay SetBatchLines,-1 ListLines, Off CoordMode, Pixel, Screen, RGB CoordMode, Mouse, Screen PID := DllCall("GetCurrentProcessId") Process, Priority, %PID%, High EMCol := 0xaf0707 ColVn := 45 ZeroX := 960 ZeroY := 540 CFovX := 100 CFovY := 100 ScanL := ZeroX - 89 ScanR := ZeroX + 89 ScanT := ZeroY - 100 ScanB := ZeroY + 100 Loop, { ~LButton:: Start := A_TickCount while GetKeyState("LButton") && A_TickCount - Start < 150 { PixelSearch, AimPixelX, AimPixelY, ScanL, ScanT, ScanR, ScanB, EMCol, ColVn, Fast RGB GoSub GetAimOffset GoSub GetAimMoves GoSub MouseMoves } GetAimOffset: AimX := AimPixelX - ZeroX AimY := AimPixelY - ZeroY AimY := AimPixelY+3 - ZeroY If ( AimX > 0 ) { DirX := 1 } If ( AimX < 0 ) { DirX := -1 } If ( AimY > 0 ) { DirY := 1 } If ( AimY < 0 ) { DirY := -1 } AimOffsetX := AimX * DirX AimOffsetY := AimY * DirY Return GetAimMoves: RootX := Ceil(( AimOffsetX ** ( 1 / 1.65 ))) RootY := Ceil(( AimOffsetY ** ( 1 / 1.65 ))) MoveX := RootX * DirX MoveY := RootY * DirY ;same here Return MouseMoves: DllCall("mouse_event", uint, 1.75, int, MoveX * 1.45, int, MoveY * 1, uint, 0, int, 0) DllCall("Sleep", UInt, 0.001) return } return Source Spark no-recoil vandal script: Spark Script Version 4 ump any 0 250 0.0108 0 0 0.001 0.001 2 1920 1080 1:1257:541:0 2:1257:541:0 3:1257:541:0 4:1257:541:0 5:1257:541:0 6:1257:541:0 7:1257:541:0 8:1257:541:0 9:1257:541:0 10:1257:541:0 11:1257:541:0 12:1257:541:0 13:1257:541:0 14:1257:541:0 15:1256:562:0 16:1256:564:0 17:1254:566:0 18:1254:570:0 19:1254:574:0 20:1254:578:0 21:1254:580:0 22:1254:582:0 23:1254:584:0 24:1254:586:0 25:1254:588:0 26:1254:590:0 27:1254:594:0 28:1254:598:0 29:1254:600:0 30:1253:604:0 31:1253:608:0 32:1253:614:0 33:1253:616:0 34:1253:620:0 35:1253:624:0 36:1253:628:0 37:1253:632:0 38:1253:636:0 39:1253:640:0 40:1253:646:0 41:1253:648:0 42:1253:654:0 43:1253:658:0 44:1253:662:0 45:1253:666:0 46:1253:671:0 47:1253:674:0 48:1253:678:0 49:1253:680:0 50:1253:683:0 51:1253:686:0 52:1253:688:0 53:1253:690:0 54:1253:694:0 55:1253:695:0 56:1253:696:0 57:1253:698:0 58:1253:700:0 59:1253:702:0 60:1253:704:0 61:1253:706:0 62:1252:708:0 63:1250:710:0 64:1250:714:0 65:1249:715:0 66:1248:718:0 67:1246:720:0 68:1246:723:0 69:1244:726:0 70:1242:730:0 71:1242:731:0 72:1241:734:0 73:1240:734:0 74:1240:736:0 75:1238:738:0 76:1237:739:0 77:1236:742:0 78:1234:742:0 79:1234:742:0 80:1234:742:0 81:1234:742:0 82:1234:742:0 83:1234:742:0 84:1234:742:0 85:1235:742:0 86:1238:742:0 87:1240:742:0 88:1244:742:0 89:1247:742:0 90:1250:742:0 91:1252:742:0 92:1254:742:0 93:1256:742:0 94:1259:742:0 95:1261:742:0 96:1263:742:0 97:1265:743:0 98:1266:743:0 99:1267:743:0 100:1269:743:0 101:1270:743:0 102:1272:743:0 103:1274:743:0 104:1276:743:0 105:1277:743:0 106:1280:744:0 107:1283:744:0 108:1288:744:0 109:1292:744:0 110:1298:744:0 111:1302:744:0 112:1306:744:0 113:1309:743:0 114:1311:743:0 115:1312:743:0 116:1312:743:0 117:1312:743:0 118:1312:743:0 119:1312:743:0 120:1312:743:0 121:1312:743:0 122:1312:743:0 123:1312:743:0 124:1310:743:0 125:1310:743:0 126:1308:743:0 127:1306:743:0 128:1306:743:0 129:1305:743:0 130:1302:743:0 131:1300:743:0 132:1298:743:0 133:1296:743:0 134:1294:743:0 135:1294:743:0 136:1294:743:0 137:1293:743:0 138:1292:744:0 139:1290:744:0 140:1290:744:0 141:1289:744:0 142:1286:744:0 143:1286:746:0 144:1284:746:0 145:1282:746:0 146:1281:746:0 147:1280:746:0 148:1278:746:0 149:1276:746:0 150:1274:747:0 151:1273:747:0 152:1272:747:0 153:1270:747:0 154:1270:747:0 155:1270:747:0 156:1269:747:0 157:1268:748:0 158:1266:748:0 159:1266:748:0 160:1266:748:0 161:1265:748:0 162:1265:748:0 163:1264:748:0 164:1262:748:0 165:1262:750:0 166:1260:750:0 167:1260:750:0 168:1258:750:0 169:1257:750:0 170:1256:750:0 171:1254:750:0 172:1254:750:0 173:1253:750:0 174:1253:750:0 175:1252:750:0 176:1250:750:0 177:1246:751:0 178:1242:751:0 179:1240:751:0 180:1236:751:0 181:1234:751:0 182:1230:751:0 183:1228:751:0 184:1224:751:0 185:1221:750:0 186:1216:750:0 187:1214:749:0 188:1210:748:0 189:1209:748:0 190:1206:747:0 191:1205:747:0 192:1201:746:0 193:1198:745:0 194:1196:745:0 195:1194:744:0 196:1194:744:0 197:1194:744:0 198:1194:744:0 199:1194:744:0 200:1194:744:0 201:1194:744:0 202:1194:744:0 203:1194:744:0 204:1194:744:0 205:1195:744:0 206:1196:744:0 207:1197:744:0 208:1199:743:0 209:1200:743:0 210:1200:743:0 211:1201:743:0 212:1202:743:0 213:1204:743:0 214:1205:742:0 215:1207:742:0 216:1208:742:0 217:1208:742:0 218:1209:742:0 219:1210:741:0 220:1211:741:0 221:1213:741:0 222:1215:741:0 223:1216:740:0 224:1217:740:0 225:1218:740:0 226:1220:740:0 227:1221:739:0 228:1224:738:0 229:1227:737:0 230:1229:736:0 231:1231:735:0 232:1233:734:0 233:1234:734:0 234:1235:733:0 235:1237:732:0 236:1238:732:0 237:1239:731:0 238:1240:730:0 239:1241:730:0 240:1241:730:0 241:1242:729:0 242:1243:729:0 243:1244:729:0 244:1245:728:0 245:1246:728:0 246:1247:727:0 247:1248:727:0 248:1249:726:0 249:1249:726:0 250:1250:726:0
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    C:/Documents/OSIRIS DOWNLOAD CFG: RAGE: rage.zip LEGIT: sebagry26-cfg.zip
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    Please credit me for the videos you make with this. Youtube video showing the config in action against ragers: NoSpread.zipFizzyLegit.zipFizzyCombo.zip
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    Hello There A You-tube Tutorial how to load Apex Legend Cheat UEFI see Video how to load Cheat if the video or topic is help full please Like the Topic and Subscribe the Video 😀 👍 How To Load UEFI Cheat Apex Legend 2nd You-tube Link Here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4S0VGkXORs
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    otcv3.zip PASSWORD: 123 VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/df57bd6710f06cd7bae23b7c48e840b697e1e975f5b15b7c5a6aba4731f9df8d/detection
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    Here's my hvh cfg for Legendware V3 , i did it in legendware paid version but im pretty sure it works on the crack version too. cfg location: appdata\roaming\Legendware\Configs scripts location: appdata\roaming\Legendware\Scripts NOTE: if there's no folder named "Legendware" in appdata -> roaming (%appdata%) , U have to create a folder for it in %appdata% called "Legendware" and in it make 3 folders called "Config" "Scripts" "Fonts" have funLilKidLWV3.zip bomb.zip buybot.zip desync_indicator.zip DisableBlur.zip EZFrags_killsay.zip rgb_line.zip ShotList.zip SimpleLagSync.zip Watermark.zip
  21. 310 points
    Hi! Your attention is a large package of configs for popular CSGO cheats. Use 🙂 cfg by Lucky, daered, deadpool, lunar, nightmare, xane, vane1488, Rachel 1001 OTC CFG's - OTC-CFG-By-Rachel.rar 880 OTC CFG's - cfg-by-Rachel.rar DeaDPool OTC CFG's - DeadPool-OTC-by-Rachel.zip Rachel's CFG + JS - Rachels-scout-ot-v3-JS.zip DeaDPOOL AW CFG - DeadpoolAW.rar Fatality CFG + Lagsync Lua - Fatality-CFG-LUA-by-Rachel.zip Evolve.xyz CFG - EVOLVE.XYZ-cfgs-by-Rachel.zip
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    Explanation within the video _______________________ HOW TO USE : 1-Hack as an administrator 2-Click start ____________________________________ Virus Total : vnhaxvip.exe https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/8532ebd7fc0d71b7d30250a86a6d9571303f1231c7a615fa5ad34a0c55557412/detection ____________________ InputInjectorNet.dll https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/a89f40b7ad57a7eb8c2e97667d252ae522b847f1c754afa07beaa809bf7d6479/detection ____________________________________ ValorantAimbotUI.exe https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/73addcd6ca4b8e24fdd537332911250ae2f877471a2662a4408415ef57bde8da/detection InputInjectorNet.dll ValorantAimbotUI.exe.config vnhaxvip.zip
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    Simple free cheat for Valorant. Developer: ILunaChan DOWNLOAD CHEAT: framework.zip VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/3cbd396579e26a052326b50a7c10c9587a805b7634e2513fe9a68750c5943db1/detection Source: https://github.com/lokiphobic/ICON How to use: obviously make sure you have the interception.dll in the folder of the program you're injecting into. the interception.dll can be found on Oblita's github https://github.com/oblitum/Interception 1) Inject into a 32bit process using a LoadLibrary Injector (If it isn't LoadLibrary then it'll just crash) 2) Enjoy
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    source by ES3N1N, crinny DOWNLOAD SOURCE Legendware v3: Legendware.zip
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    A full-fledged working cheat on VALORANT that is free and available to everyone. Developers are Chinese so there may be problems during the game, crashes, etc. Otherwise, the hack works perfectly, aimbot is good and you can easily eliminate opponents, and there are beautiful visual effects (ESP) and you can see the enemies through the walls, as well as the distance to them and the amount of health. I will try to update this software as it is updated on the official Chinese developer site. NOTE:after run old ver ,please restart the computer before you'll use the new version Use at your own risk. There is a chance to get a ban. Version hack: v1.1 HOT KEYS 🔥 Box esp [F1] Bone esp [F2] Player esp [F3] Magic bullet [F4] (open in futrue) Aimbot [F5] English Menu [DELETE] OPEN MENU [INS/INSERT] DOWNLOAD: Medusa.loaderv1.1.zip (password: 123) VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file-analysis/ZDNlNTcyYjQ4OGNlYjMzZTI3YjY0MDYzMTc3YWQyZGU6MTU5NDIwNDE3OQ==/detection
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    Yea yk .............. SpecialcfgByr3dFoXx Updated cfg:.zip
  28. 246 points
    Config : spinhvh.zip Javascript : Rory's Jitter AA.zipgamesense_watermark.zipgamesense bar.zipdoubletapp.zip
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    come my web #$-> https://dzhax499.blogspot.com/ 1.dont play or start any things! 2.if you download it run driver loader 3.start apex legends 4.start match when selection legends 5.and go back to cheats and run apex legends cheats! 6.have fun!
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    LEGENDWARE CRACK HVH CONFIG + LUA PACK. Hey, i know that alot of people have been looking for some HvH configs for Legendware, i finally decided to release those i use. INFORMATION: - Mostly just Configs for Auto - Fast DT. - Different types of Luas. - Mostly HvH configs for "HvH Servers" Hmu on discord if you have any questions: Nxrth#6627 Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/4c1114620ac0bbcae305d30434f08899215155066ddf4f8a5cf22f4ac833ee92/detection configs-luas.zip
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    PSense.xyz V2 RELEASED! FORUM/DOWNLOAD http://psense.xyz PSense v2 Update 19.12.2020 -Improved, added 3 Logic for resolver. -Improved Bruteforce Resolver. -Improved Animation Fix. -Fixed max unlagging for enemy player. (Teleporting issues.) -Updated to latest csgo update.(yesterday, today.) -Fixed some skin changer issues. -Fixed damage indicator, damage override fixes. -Changed some eventlogs. Forum has been reseted completely. Cheat isn't private anymore, its all public and free. Not %100 but maybe a beta version for paid, as i said not sure. Sorry for mistakes. PSense v2 is released. You can find it from here. http://psense.xyz/threads/psense-v2-loader-download-from-here.1/ MEDIAS https://www.youtube.com/c/psensexyz DISCORD https://discord.gg/RwM35qmPvt VT loader forum
  33. 206 points
    Here is a new and secure Corsair Injector from the developer sad...With this injector, you can easily run any cheat that has a file extension.".dll".At the moment, the injector has the status undetected, which gives you the opportunity to use it safely.Corsair Injector is open source, making it transparent to all players.The software was tested on the CS:GO game, everything works, nothing crashes. Corsair Injector 5.9.zip
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    Hey There... So i tested alot of OTC configs but it was missing asf So i realized it wasn't the CFGs so i tried to change my playstyle and injecting addon but nothing worked So i decided to make my own OTC with my own resolver What that mean? That's mean i made a OTC resolver from scratch it toke me 6 Hours to be Done some Media And yea i finally finished it For me im so proud for my self xD I called it HeadRipper Support server?? You can find the invite to the Discord server on the the console when you inject it Cuz i cant put it here i really respect this site Some info I didnt made anything just New completely Resolver Improved FPS drop nothing more and yea Thanks. HeadRipper.zip
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    by Dimon3344 FULL - Free AIMBOT [all weapons configured] Configured [TRIGGERBOT] for all weapons [Button on trigger its convenient you can put] Nice visuals [Esp_Chams_SoundESP] CFG in: C:\Users\user_name\Appdata\Roaming DOWNLOAD CFG: Legit.CFG [By Dimon3344].zip
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    from: appdata , roamin , LEgendWare DOWNLOAD CFG: 123.zip
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    Hack by Tomson_ | Version: v1.3 | Last Update: 13/04/2020 RAGE: https://imgur.com/wlvZofs LEGIT: https://imgur.com/lJmSFP3 VISUAL: https://imgur.com/JInpGPn MISC: https://imgur.com/6W9HNhl SKIN: https://imgur.com/w2lMWF6 CONFIG: https://imgur.com/zWI2DDm DOWNLOAD: GODWARE.zip VirusTotal
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    Fatality configs Rage : slot1 Legit : .zip Enjoy and stay Fatal😛!
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    Fatality.win crack hvh config CFG Folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive .zip
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    Just put the file into cs go folder and load it from the game BOxis HVH 2.zip
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    I have this 2 cfg for otc v3 and HeadRipper The HeadRipper cfg is updated and is good with other guns The OTC V3 cfg is new Those both cfg are maded by me, so it can probably miss HeadRipper: OTC V3: https://cheater.run/csgo_hacks_free/1694-onetap-crack-v3-free.html The keybinds are the same for both cfg RageBot : Mouse3 (Hold) SlowWalk : Shift (Hold) Fakeduck : ALT (Toggle) (only for HeadRipper because there is no fakeduck on otcv3) legitotv3.cfg LegitAxel.zip
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    Here are Lucky's paid Gamesense/Skeet configs. In it includes rage, legit, HvH and a text file of what he personally uses and luas. Here is the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/yg91u1of4gxdf6l/Lucky%27s_Gamesense_Comfigs.zip/file Here is the VirusTotal scan: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/c3f02ed2e337de25115d755afe125b0eac1a16e601c32cda4e457641813cff9a/detection Enjoy.
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    source by weather DOWNLOAD: lw paste.zip
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    I share with you private configs that are sold on the site https://www.configs.fun/ (not advertising). Mid-level configs, but many people will like it FREE DOWNLOAD: cfg_aidodek.zip otc3.zip
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