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    comment down below your discord and like this topic (end in 28/3/2020) Good Luckkk!!!
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    1. Like this topic. 2. Just reply this topic with your discord. (example sad...#7670) GOOD LUCK!
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    SazInjector This injector is safe from VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) Really easy to use Working injector for popular online games and not only from the developer Saz. This injector will help you run the downloaded .dll file of the hack, it is really easy to use the injector SazInjector will do it quickly and without failures. The injector was tested by me personally on the CS:GO game and everything went well, but the author claims that SazInjector works with any game. Download and check yourself, questions and recommendations in the comments or on the discord server. SCREENSHOT : WINRAR PASSWORD: SazZ How To Use : Read : Download :
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    ATTENTION! There is a new trend going on about a cracked version of the popular cheat Onetap.su v3 Please be aware all the DLL's released that says are OT V3 ARE RAT'S / MALWARE Do not download any of those cuz it will fuck you PC, even if the download comes from popular YouTubers like : Ripac , xxximirus , berg , or any other Russians This is not a threat to the ones mentioned up. STAY SAFE!
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    OSIRIS RAGE CONFIG - no crash hey guys if you download and enjoyed from my config pls like this topic 🙂 tested no crashing in game dude I'm tested xD . C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Osiris or click My Cmputer and you see Documents open it and see Osiris paste on this folder ! (for beginners ) . dude like this topic rage_cfg_why#7426.rar
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    PUBG Lite PC - ESP Box | + tutorial UPDATED Please support the channel:*like * subscrip * Share * Turn on ! - stay tuned! Download hack click on the title of the video and then take you to YouTube and then the link below the video and thank you all !
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    So i heard in alot of forums that are gonna crack onetap v3 and i guess is gonna release today maybe first of april who knows maybe , some ppl on yougame.biz are gonna crack onetap v3 maybe gonna create a sv dump and create the dll so yeah i hope it gets cracked and gets released in 1st of april cya gamers and also i dont really know the date when is gonna get released and blah blah blah AND ALSO IT GOT CRACKED YOU JUST HAVE TO PAY 800 RUBLES FOR THE CRACK they russians said that they will release for free idk the date but yes
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    onetapV2.dll VT:https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/e7622b19f63da6417fa50ffc7e195e7f83bf1762b7e58b54fb61735af56fccc8/detection TURN OFF AUTOBUY OR U WILL CRASH
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    this should work. if it does like the post or thank me u ungrateful fuk. ot crack.rar
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    DOWNLOAD CHEAT: dumbasPL_onetap_loader.dll VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/c0a48b506b07c5a0e80f96f8378b291b1516455608f83db3988a52fe080b4e5d/detection Injector:
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    Step 1 : Make an account in their website. Step 2 : Click this : https://project-infinity.cloud/csgo-cheats/premium-cs-go-48h-free-with-coupon.5/ Step 3 : 'Buy it' Step 4 : Click this : https://project-infinity.cloud/csgo-cheats/checkout And In the COUPON CODE field write this : staysafe Step 5 : Look at the Price ( from 99 eur to 0 eur ) Step 6 : Click Download ! THANK ME FOR THIS FFS !!!
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    cfg pack for OneTap.su (Rage, HVH) by 0x000cb DOWNLOAD CFG pack: cfg_pack.rar
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    Hello. This is a skeet.cc remake. Dll: SKEET.CC Remake.dll Font: menu_font.ttf IMPORTANT: Make sure to download the font. Once you do that, open the font file, then click install in the top left. If you don't do this, the menu will look horrible. Enjoy - Dan
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    Instructions for running: 1) make Sure that Steam and CS:GO are Completely closed. 2) Disable all anti-viruses and firewalls. 3) Create a folder C:\r8\ and move the config files there if needed (default settings file name.ini). 4) UNZIP all files into a folder and run the R8.exe on behalf of the administrator, wait for the inscription " waiting for Steam...". 5) Run steam and then CS:GO. PS To stop the injection of the cheat when you start CS: GO - restart the Steam. Who crushes steam-check whether you have the following files, and if there is - remove (before you close the steam ? 1) C:\Windows\system32\GameManager32.DLL file 2) C:\Windows\SysWOW64\GameManager32.DLL file VT: https://www.virustotal.com/ru/file/f21432875486601ea2f6fd4ae02211607a65ab93ac2f22233e6d78f418eada75/analysis/1550416236/ Password: PC-RET
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    and a config https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/591a99f1cf56dc99299a63af3f46ff56f323db36a36bf739bcbbde7e7d8ffc51/detection virustotal^^^^ OneEye.cfg onetap.dll
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    OMG GUYS I FOUND THE CURE FOR OTC 4 real i can play alr THX ME LATER 1/4/20 onetap.dll
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    Your attention is a great solution among hacks on PUBG MOBILE with which you will dominate the game servers. This cheat is very simple, you can easily run this hack, as well as play with it without any difficulties. There is one function here - ESP (Wallhack) with which you will see your enemies through various textures on the map, it can be walls, boxes, vegetation and other various obstacles. If you play correctly and quietly, the risk of getting a ban is very low. The software is supported by our site, which means that updates will be released more often, so stay tuned on the site and be aware of all events. by xiderowg / version: 0.17.0 DOWNLOAD SOURCE: PUBESP.rar
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    Here is a new and secure Corsair Injector from the developer sad...With this injector, you can easily run any cheat that has a file extension.".dll".At the moment, the injector has the status undetected, which gives you the opportunity to use it safely.Corsair Injector is open source, making it transparent to all players.The software was tested on the CS:GO game, everything works, nothing crashes. Corsair Injector v5.rar
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    dumbasPL_onetap_loader_07_03_2020.dllThis dll was fixed by nezu. VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/bb1892d5ed05651f7a1f4766b007afeb8acbe76b9f4298fe4ed91133899434b4/detection
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    666.cfg auto f 2LuckySelly_ot_alpha.cfg good auto p DevilTap_CheatzAndMore.cfg scout ez 5k jump shot f ed.cfg p good auto f FFF.cfg auto and awp f iceprivate.cfg good auto p LUCYFER_NN_XD.cfg p awp and good auto Lucyfer_priv.cfg p auto notfality.cfg p god awp and auto YucaV2.cfg god good auto :)) 15;00 more 🙂
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    gamesense.vip/cheat.dll it is not gamesense.pub but a shitty copy of it
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    cfg for OneTap v3 by _Rixon_1338 DOWNLOAD: TAP1.cfg cfg for OneTap v3 by Noobko DOWNLOAD: 6.rar Click "Like" and I'll add more CFG. Thanks
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    HOW TO USE: 1) Download the archive. 2) Create a folder where it is convenient for you, throw " hiana.dll" and the injector in this folder. 3) Run CS:GO, and then the injector as an administrator. We are waiting for the inscription " Injected successfully!" DOWNLOAD HACK: Hiana_-_28.03.20.rar SOURCE: https://github.com/spirthack/CSGOSimple Coder: @Mokerikun CFG:
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    its good and why im posting that? cause i have tickbase.cc invite This paste is pretty good and i can say better than xy0 onespaste.dll So if u want to win tickabse.cc invite giveway send ur discord in comments
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    CS:GO HACK Aurora - Legit AA / Anti kick / Inventory / changer /10/15/ 2019+TUOTRIAL (Please support the channel:*like * subscrip * Share * Turn on ? - stay tuned!)) Download hack click on the title of the video and then take you to YouTube and then the link below the video and thank you all !
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    I'm Just Protected The Best Csgo Cheat For Use Osiris.vmp.dll
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    any hacks for pubg lite the last topic i cant get his link link is eror i want fix link plz thanks you ❤️
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    hello guys check video. My english is bad, i'm don't know how speaking in eng language. Sry ❤️ crashhandler.dll
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    Im NOT the creator of this cheat, im just posting it Developpers : Dutu & omi Deathrow.club reborn HvH cheat for counter strike : global offensive Don't forget to install fonts if you want to see the text and icons Screenshots : Download :
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    Unbeatable AnitAim OneTap Crack ! Tested Config On Servers And Matchs Ragers miss YOU ! ((configs on csgo folder)) File Password : why#7426.rar
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    Osiris dll : Osiris.dll VT : https://bit.ly/2Q3g84F I have added new junk code and new hash to keep the cheat undetected
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    VMP it helps to keep the dll longer undetected if the dll is detected even if u use VMP u are gonna be banned . To keep the dll undetected u have to add fresh junk code / new hash for the dll and if is possible to change a bit the main source code
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    yea its a crack of nixware which is literally onetap crack so here it is working i have -disable_d3d9ex enabled but im not sure if its needed so yea vt: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/9c22ff5083012351222ff19d5bae04f6aba08d33ab0bccfb3dc4a473cb1da894/detection ur welcome ot.dll
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    Im on windows 10, on injection, it opens for around 2 to 3 seconds then csgo crashes
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    the hack worked at the time this post was made. yesterday a new csgo update came out and it broke again. don't say useless when you were too late
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    If you haven't been banned yet you're safe but don't use cheats on your main. Overwatch is only in: Wingman and Competitive
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    Cracked nixware.cc nixware.dll
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    DOWNLOAD CFG: PrimeLegitv3_By_Rex.gachi LegitCFG-Lincore.gachi elytras.gachi CFG: "C:\gachihook"
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    i should r/whoosh or something?
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    https://anonfile.com/HdCah3Pbna/hvh1_ini%E2%9C%85 << config location: Appdata/roaming/exp0sure
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    Wow... get out of any cracking/cheating forums... You are literally the definition of leeching
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    Aimware V5 cfg: RazerV5.cfg P$$$
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    Limited time only : Just like my post and comment your email down below, i will invite everyone