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    SazInjector This injector is safe from VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) Really easy to use Working injector for popular online games and not only from the developer Saz. This injector will help you run the downloaded .dll file of the hack, it is really easy to use the injector SazInjector will do it quickly and without failures. The injector was tested by me personally on the CS:GO game and everything went well, but the author claims that SazInjector works with any game. Download and check yourself, questions and recommendations in the comments or on the discord server. SCREENSHOT : WINRAR PASSWORD: SazZ How To Use : Read : Download :
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    Gonna pick a winner after 24 hours. Good luck nerds. Comment to join!
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    What kind of monster would use discord light theme?
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    Would love a like on the little reacton button, thanks! ❤️ Invite #1 Invite #2 Invite #3 Invite #4 Invite #5 Invite #6 Invite #7 Invite #8 Invite #9 Invite #10
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    Good hvh cheat, a lot of customization, especially for aaEnjoy pandorav3.dll VT: Link
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    lmao in matchmaking this map has so many russian otc users thats why i play office:))) if u have a good config this cheat is p100 without resolver if u sucked at making config u cant even hit legit
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    A injector for GTA V , inject your dll hack for GTA V Xenos64.exe (SETTINGS TO BE UNDETECTABLE)
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    ============ Posirishvh ============ UNDEDECTED 7/2/2020 vt: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/c16900675183b2e4f47ee890d4dd917e5efb97c8ccc438be2ee7a1313fadfb6a/detection (06/29/2020) ++++NEWS: added desync chams for u guys requested so much :DD new features in antiaim(better designed for hvh) new fakewalk exploit new lby breaker improved aimbot-triggerbot humanized bhop+autostrafe autowall fake ping(+200ms) fake lag(16tick) extended backtrack multipoint esp sv_pure bypass skeet chams and glows nightmode full customizable antiaim (legitaa-static-jitter) fakeduck slowwalk fake prime visual things(this cheat doesnt decrease ur fps actually it boosts) indicators zeusbot and bullet tracer crashing at some pc's its working on me but i dont know dont enable when you are at match try with bots there is no resolver i'll make legit aa at future hf bois))) configs and dll: (configs goes to C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\Osiris u can use sazz injector or process hacker 2 for inject) p_osiris(chamsupdate).dll
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    That question is kind of hard to be honest, what do I have to say for skeet?. It can resolve well, also it is easy to configure, menu doesn't feel very crowded and the ability to customize it by either resizing it or changing colours of the bars is a great touch. Plus fps drops are very rare, almost impossible to come across. Skeet isn't god-mode as it used to be, but it's very well optimized and you get a great experience using it on HvH servers. Tho just like any cheat, it has its flaws. Firstly, the developer sometimes doesn't update it early enough and it can be a pain, but it's never on the stage to be unplayable. Also one of the biggest flaws of the cheat, is their Staff team. It takes much time to hear back from Administrators or Moderators, especially if you want to get a hardware ID reset. That would be my opinion from what i've heard about skeet. Now for Aimware (One step ahead of the game), the resolver is decent but not really as good as expected on certain scenarios, is it kind of hard to configure, and I think that's due to the lack of customization of the menu and also just because not everything is labelled to perfect sections, but it's not as bad as it used to be so let's give them a pass on this one. Now for visuals, there are some useless features and visuals can be the pain of your whole experience with the cheat because you might get a head-ache with it, (One step behind of the game), i've also heard that the support in the forums isn't as great but it's just a rumor from my point of view so they pass here too. Finally, the only one that could give a decent opinion on the cheat is yourself, after of course using it for a long time, because it all comes down to personal preference, and playstyle.
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    i can't give dll i am from phone sry
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    Box-opener.vmp.dll https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/9c7332edef6c3e21697827e7428b0cfbe144a33a69f4ef0c151c3f768054aa1d/detection
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    bruh this is so op tq i tapped skeet/gamesense user btw lol
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    I will leave from here, this will be the last message for me to follow me on my YouTube channel "VNHAXVIP" , thanks to everyone who gave me support here Thank you #kate
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    Updated the configs again! Please give me credits in videos that you make with them and please post the link to this or any other thread of mine in the comment section/description of your video! Thanks. Updated configs again. Configs go in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive Click here to get the updated version of onetap.su Autosniper:Autosniper.cfg Scout:Scout.cfg MEDIA:
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    Hey there, Changelog/Feature List: https://pastebin.com/D4NRTebN WR417H comes in two variants; WR417H Free and WR417H Full.. They are both exclusively legit cheats and both have a fairly large feature list, from which the 'Full' version is more extended. I have built WR417H almost entirely from the ground up myself, aside from some help from the community and the use of some Skeet Menu Icons 😄... Nothing inside of WR417H's source code is pasted with the exception of some functions for V_Table hooking (from Osiris, which is now detected). That's it, thank you. Enjoy 🙂 Short Simple Showcase (v1.0): https://streamable.com/et0xlk SS (v1.0): https://imgur.com/VGYNrJu Total Downloads so far: 2000 + WR417H_v1.04.zip
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    DLL - https://anonfiles.com/5dd2Q690ob/blazehack_dll My CFG - https://anonfiles.com/RcdcQ499o7/skeet_json CFG Saved Here C:\BlazeHack
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    First, what you have to do i to own a bunker with these two options: 1 getting the free one in the premium version 2 going to the casino, clain visitor bonus and after that, in the menu go too online services>casino services and press once over "rig slot machines" ; with that option enabled yo go to one of those machimes (the diamond ones is the hight paying with 2.5M) and max bet and play, you'll win every single time. I DON'T RECOMMEMD YOU WINNING MORE THAN TWICE A DAY BECAUSE IS NOT SAFE. Now, with the bunker purchased you register as CEO and in the mod menu you'll go to online services>bunker settings and mark the "remove bunker supply delay". Then acces to the computer, assing staff to research and production and with that done un the menu (in bunker settings) press once over trigger production. Then sell stock to los santos and when you are outside in the menu set bunker delivery to 2M and press it. Now u r done. Repeat the proccess. Key points to succeed with this metod: -To use this you have to dont have stock (0$), if you have, sell it and in the set bunker delivery select the exact amount you are selling if for -You can't go for more than 2M per time, if you do it, an error will appear. -DON'T MAKE MORE THAN 50M/DAY -If you want to be extra careful, avoid doing this mondays, tuesdays and Wednesdays and wait a week before spending the money
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    HHHH, first its not free, second its a rat lmfao
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    Hello guys, can someone give me a free or cracked cheat for legit until Osiris get updated? Thanks you..
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    Oh fuck off with that linkvertise rat shit. You need to add the lootbox extension which steals all of your passwords saved to google. Some guy decompiled it and proved it.
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    never heard of that cheat before.
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    here u know they have a website features 2.1.1 free.dll
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    SneakyEvilOTC VT:https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/4414d760d64cc89c7a9784859cc191554ce56c22de62c80346298c6b5312358b/detection SneakyEvilOTC.dll
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    pls cfg otc v2 HVH auto
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    ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ✅HOW TO USE: 2- install AutoHotkey 1-Run hack as administrator ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/1c393932c80000e5d592e45c30eabb2ad402b6be8109dfc1a0bf8e8f2179fb60/detection vnhaxvip.exe
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    i gived u a lot like bro. make more topic to reach lvl 8 !! 🙂
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    Just learn to make one... it's easy Anyway you can take a look here https://corsair.wtf/forum/18-configs/
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    for me it doenst do nothing, do i need to launch it before or after the game?
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    If a violation occurs, the user receives a warning (1 point or more): It is forbidden to create threads in the sections to which they relate. Prohibited from insulting forum participants in any form. it is forbidden to show racial, national and religious hostility, promote terrorism, extremism, drugs and other topics. it is forbidden to place referral links without specifying the main link. it is forbidden to upload files to file sharing sites with payment for downloading. This item also includes paid link shorteners. it is forbidden to upload files without specifying a link to VirusTotal It is forbidden to create topics with the dissemination of intimate information, as well as to create threads with questions about where it can be distributed. Don't be rude to our staff. Posting a topic without download link, or just an youtube video is not allowed. Don't beg to get ur Topic approved..You will get ignored. Unknown Sites giveaways are prohibited! In case of violation, the user gets unlimited blocking of the profile: Advertising of extraneous resources in any form is prohibited. Registration of multiple accounts on the forum is prohibited. DDoS and distribution of information related to DDoS services, carding, viruses, and child porn is prohibited. It is forbidden to publicly make claims and discuss the actions of the administration. If you have any complaints about editing, closing, or deleting topics or messages, contact the administrators. It is forbidden to register under nicknames consisting of a set of meaningless letters/numbers/symbols (123456, asfohasdof, 1124uhl12jsda), as well as containing obscene language or offensive phrases. It is forbidden to publish/sell / buy personal data: passport, birth, marriage, divorce certificates, any information about real estate, card numbers. Fraud is prohibited: to throw people, to breed for money or any other things that have material value.
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    Dork$ense.dll https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/1c12b291b70949a0dbc7a4167e57ee86cb535336493f7ff2fdad6df56e78fe09/detection
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    could you please update the cheat? or post one that is undetected?
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    --------------------------------------------~ Better otc with better resolver (said in discord im just sharing it) enjoy! ---------------------------------------------~ Addon (inject first) ASTROV2.dll ---------------------------------------------~ otc (fixed 24/06/2020) chams.dll ----------------------------------------------~ Fonts (important) Retro_Gaming.ttf Minecraft.ttf install first before injecting addon ----------------------------------------------~ Enjoy!
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    by the way don't forgot VT before Post 😞 https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/e0c0b687469589beab47d175f4522d5e4ab64f184845a8e2d47a65bcb9572cc4/detection
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    The cfg is for closet cheater, if you wanna to be a streamer or make highlights video, that cfg is for you! I Made 2 cfgs 1 - Have wall, but does not have a aimbot 2- Not have wall, but have a legit aimbot And both have skin changer for all guns! If you think have problem with both cfg tell me and i will try fix it! ? Change log: Updated in: August 13, 2019 | 01:25( GMT 0 ) -New skins -Update Wall cfg Good cheating? Osiris Wall V4 Osiris Legit V5
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    f there is undeteckted aim for valorant please share
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    https://anonfiles.com/T0ffn5Abo8/parasha_rar there you go
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    Hey man I appreciate it!!! If you have questions about how to play with the config or how to use it properly, just ask, I will respond as soon as possible :) (Im on my friend's computer right now because i was invited to his party so.)
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    Aimware V5 cfg: RazerV5.cfg P$$$
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    enable multicore rendering
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    CFG by Skaffy CFG location: C:\ DOWNLOAD CFG: rage1.cfg rage.cfg
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    Party#3353 idk if its only me but i cant like the post
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    GIVING AWAY 1 TICKBASE.CC INVITE ❤️ RULES : Like this topic ❤️ Also put you're discord **Gamer tag** Lego 🙂 Good Luck Yall 🙂
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