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    cfg pack for OneTap.su (Rage, HVH) by 0x000cb DOWNLOAD CFG pack: cfg_pack.rar
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    OneTap. New Offset & Index. AutoOffset Updater CFG throw on the way: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive DOWNLOAD DLL [29/10/2019]: onetap.dll DOWNLOAD Offset Updater: offset updater.rar How to update the cheat Onetap for the new update of the game CSGO? Drag and drop client_panorama.dll from game folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\bin) to the folder where you extracted offset updater. Run update.bat and just wait for Insignia and Patcher to finish their work. Now you can safely inject OneTap Hack! CFG pack:
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    The cfg is for closet cheater, if you wanna to be a streamer or make highlights video, that cfg is for you! I Made 2 cfgs 1 - Have wall, but does not have a aimbot 2- Not have wall, but have a legit aimbot And both have skin changer for all guns! If you think have problem with both cfg tell me and i will try fix it! ? Change log: Updated in: August 13, 2019 | 01:25( GMT 0 ) -New skins -Update Wall cfg Good cheating? Osiris Wall V4 Osiris Legit V5
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    apex T1 goes public welcome to discuss exchange,Free testing.
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    yes, some people may already have this config because its pretty old, BUT, this shit taps so hard i will probs use this cfg for a while. enjoy. (i changed the visuals and some options and turned off the fake-lag cuz that makes you getting backtracked and its useless.I did not touch the aa nor the aimbot before you start complaining why the visuals are different) Download : exclusive.cfg
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    CS:GO HACK AimFall/Legit/Rage Hack 10-24-2019/No VAC/AIMBOT/ANTI AIM/CHAMS/ESP+ tutorial (Please support the channel:*like * subscrip * Share * Turn on ? - stay tuned!)) Download hack click on the title of the video and then take you to YouTube and then the link below the video and thank you all !
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    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive
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    DOWNLOAD CFG: Lucky - OneTap_lucku.zip XANE - ONETAP.SU BY XANE.zip Vektus - Vektus latest cfg_OT.rar ratnikifzzz - onetap_ratnikofzzz.rar
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    C:\Aurora-Project (if there is no folder then go to CS GO and create any cfg) DOWNLOAD CFG: AuroraLegit.ini DOWNLOAD RAGE CFG: ace!.ini by nikitagrant
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    Hi! You've probably always dreamed of your own hack on the game PUBG Mobile? If so, then you have the opportunity! You can download a ready-made solution to create your own hack on PUBG Mobile with the Wallhack (ESP) function to see the enemies behind the textures (see screenshot). Follow the instructions and you will succeed ? DOWNLOAD SOURCE: PUBGM_ESP_#SAFU_IRAQ#_.zip Requirements: 1- Visual Studio 2015 or Up. 2-Dirext X SDK(2010). 3-BlueStack or LDPlayer Emulator. 4-PUBG Mobile 0.14 Implementation: 1- Open The Source Project . 2-In Visual Studio Go to Project -> SAFUIRAQ Properties -> VC++ Directories , Go To Include Directories And Put The Path Of Directx Include Folder. For Example My Path Is C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010)\Include 3-In Same Window Go To Library Directories And Put The Path Of DirectX Library Folder For Example My Path Is C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010)\Lib\x86 4-Use x86 Debug Type. Future Work: 1-We Need To Run This Hack On GameLoop Emulator If Any One Know How I Hope To Explain That. 2-We Need To Dump The Game And Disassemble It By IDA And Find Static Enemies Address And Other Things . 3-We Need To Improve This Hack To Be More Fast And Reliable And Work Smooth . 4-This Hack Eat From CPU Resources About 20-30, But In Future Ff We Use Static Address By Find UWorld Will Work Good With CPU Usage Not More Than 5-10 ,And We Will Be Find The Enemies Address And Draw In One Second Or Less ! Note: 1- This Hack Work With PUBG Mobile v0.14 Last Update . 2- If Any One Can Improvement The Code To Run In GameLoop The Scan Time Will Be More Fast.
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    use for Visual Studio 2017 DOWNLOAD SOURCE CODE: hellux_v2_fixed_by_annihilate.rar
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    If u like this config pls join our discord for more p config >>>>>>>>>> https://discord.gg/aSzmMy KindaP.cfg
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    Press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + I Click the Console tab Copy and paste this code Object.values(webpackJsonp.push([[],{[''] :(_,e,r)=>{e.cache=r.c}},[['']]]).cache).find(m=>m.exports&&m.exports.default&&m.exports.default.getCurrentUser!==void 0).exports.default.getCurrentUser().flags+=1 press enter And Click on the icon at the bottom of your status and you will have a button "Set custom status" GG
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    FenirHook | AIMBOT | VISUALS | NEVER AVC |SKINCHANGER | UNDETECTED + [ Tutorial ] (Please support the channel:*like * subscrip * Share * Turn on ? - stay tuned!)) Download hack click on the title of the video and then take you to YouTube and then the link below the video and thank you all !
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    FEATURES: LEGIT AIMBOT GLOW CHAMS STEP TO INSTALL ? : 1. Download Hack turbo.rar 2. Download injector 3. Launch CS:GO 4. Inject 5. Press "INSERT" BUTTON 6. ENJOY!
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    this is my undetected israeli cheat plz check it out features: legit aim good glow esp (when visible) israeli cheat v69.exe screenshot- https://i.imgur.com/FeSoDgH.png @KATE thanks for the like!
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    A great hack on PUBG Mobile that you can download for free from our forum or from the official website. Only the most top and necessary functions, the probability of getting a ban is very low. Most importantly, the author updates the hack and follows the recommendations of the players. DOWNLOAD: Dego-GH_cheater.fun.rar winrar password: cheater.fun
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    my game crashes every time i load the legit config
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    Best LUA Scripts: name changer.lua manual_desync.lua Toxic Kill-Text.lua Contact me for more! Discord: Andrei.Rzv#7093 zeus_range.lua Manual AA.lua
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    15 May - 03:00 AM - aimbot improved. - added aimbot lock with one press. - radar added. - fix 90% of "searching for data" & "waiting match start" errors. - new menu with colors & sizes changeable. - and more..



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