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About Me

  1. Hey everyone, I recreated my config for osiris again from scratch so i hope you guys have fun from it .zip Put it into the Osiris folder, you can find it in the my Documents folder, if you dont have it there, try running the Osiris menu once
  2. Legit config for Osiris made by me. All you need to do is to download the file. Find Osiris in documents and drag the file there. When you inject the dll, the config can be found on misc in the top right corner. Just click it and click load. If you need help: discord david4k#3361 Legit Osirirs by David
  3. This config is completely selfmade. Would be nice to recieve some feedback! Installation 1. Close Steam completely (Background too) 2. Start "EzCS" in Injector folder > Click "Browse DLL" > Select "Osiris.dll" in DLL folder > Click "Okay" and just wait 3. Put both configs in the Osiris folder (C:\%UserProfile%\Documents\Osiris) 4. Press your INSERT key to open/close > Go to "Config" > Click on any SecretConfig > Click on "Load selected" Note: You will get the Osiris folder once you injected Osiris for the first time. Keybinds (Legit) Aimbot: MOUSE1 (Soft aimbot while shooting) Triggerbot: Autosnipers only (If its annoying turn it off) ESP: Audible/Spotted only (You will get ESP only if you see or hear the enemy) Keybinds (Rage) Thirdperson: MOUSE3 Slowwalk: LSHIFT Note: Use "Slowwalk" to shoot while moving with the rage config. Otherwise the cheat will NOT shoot while moving! Issues? Feel free to add me on Discord (secretlul) if you are witnessing any issues. SecretOsirisV1.rar
  4. OSIRIS MULTI HACK LEGIT CONFIG legit aim legit trigger bot - use "c" legit wall skins good designing πŸ™‚enjoy. ' C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Osiris ' global_legit_why#7426.zip
  5. Hello guys, i just wanted to share my Osiris legit config that i was using last 7 days, playing MM's everyday, i havent got called cheater much times (like 2,3 times) config is made for closet cheating so dont expect too easy kills, headshots without aiming etc. Its created to give you some assistance but not to play for you. It has Chams on (visible thru wall) use it smartly, u can replace it with radar hack for more "legitness" but still, u wont get OW'd if u use ur walls smart, this is not closet cheating tutorial so i wont explain how to closet cheat. I hope u will enjoy my cfg! πŸ˜„ I am currently on LEM with really good trust factor with this confg.(getting legit/clean players almost always) *it doesnt mean u will have same score as me, i am playing extremely smartly and premades with friends* Some rules for legit/closet cheating with any cheat: 1. Dont do stupid things, dont try to inpersonate Zuhn/Bhop/Lucky/Duby and other popular cheaters u will get banned. 2. If u do something really suspicious like obvious prefire etc. try to fix it by not doing it again, if you do it once you can say its lucky but if you do it 10 times no one will believe u. 3. *situation* you see guy on left side of wall but theres not any chance that u would see him there without walls, dont be greedy and like let them kill you, its one round and it could save your account if u were on overwatch. 4. IF SOMEONE RAGE CHEATS FUCK THEM JUST GO JUMP AROUND HAVE FUN AND DONT TRY TO FIGHT THEM BY CHEATING HARDER ETC IT WILL GET YOU EASLY BANNED! If you have any questions or just want to say im retarded, u cant type it below, enjoy! .zip
  6. Hi, This config has head dot esp, if you wanna try no esp settings, just disable it =======This cfg contains======= ==================================== I hope ya"ll download and enjoy it. ❀️ .zip
  7. OSIRIS LEGIT CFG by ZAJKOS v1 Aimbot (or rather aim assist) under "c" - Rifles, PM, Pistols, (deagle poorly available) // Without weapons of all types negev Trigerbot under "c" - configured separately for each classic weapon // with the target sits beautifully you can flick and sit 90% of shots Chams - only visible + borders around opponents (red and blue) ESP - eyetracer set, life levels, armor, currently active weapon etc. AutoBH - without a strafe Reportbot - when you have it on ON it can bug you results tables (mute tm) SkinChanger - only knife and gloves And many more xd If a child were out, the VT Scan (once I did) detection 0 out of 58 https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/7ae86333c50b8c491b970df6a103f9d30416adccae334f74abc397d94db1ab00/summary I would love to hear your opinions about the .cfg quality (write what to improve, what's impossible, etc.) Follow .zip
  8. The cfg is for closet cheater, if you wanna to be a streamer or make highlights video, that cfg is for you! I Made 2 cfgs 1 - Have wall, but does not have a aimbot 2- Not have wall, but have a legit aimbot And both have skin changer for all guns! If you think have problem with both cfg tell me and i will try fix it! ? Change log: Updated in: August 13, 2019 | 01:25( GMT 0 ) -New skins -Update Wall cfg Good cheating? Osiris Wall V4 Osiris Legit V5
  9. [hide]FULL-LEGIT: DOWNLOAD (No ESP, just GLOW. Full legit aimbot, impossible to know u are cheating.) LEGIT: DOWNLOAD (Visible and corners ESP only, legit aimbot) SEMI-LEGIT: DOWNLAOD (See trough walls with ESP, kinda legit aimbot)[/hide] Everything is custom made and I was playing with this like 15 games and no ban. Every config has the same skin changer settings. The skins are made by what I like the most. Feel free to change anything! !! USE SEMI-LEGIT AT OWN RISK !!
  10. Im looking for good legit cfgs that i can use on a prime acc to reach higher ranks like lem or something. hmu if u got some
  11. hey guys I'm make a video to show you how to make cheats DLL undetected ! πŸ™‚ if this video halped you pls subscribe me πŸ™‚
  12. Hi, im here today to share my personal pack with you ( i dont do this cfg I just compiled them from everywhere ). Hpack 2.0.zip
  13. Yo i was wondering if anybody had an up to date osiris source, since the most sources i find are <1 year old and most of the time have a lot of building errors. If anybody has a source, please reply to this post or dm me on dc Banger#9434 would be really appreciated !
  14. So i got brored and decided the make a Legit config. Its legit and i haven't got overwatch banned for playing with this cfg for a week! Legit config : https://mega.nz/#!3GozHI4I!nv7OU0vI7gxYIiU9ksnYd5K2uCVGdSMu8-z9aRC0e3c Rage config : https://mega.nz/#!qSgkCapJ!oS5_k3FzxQbSUKqpnufbWHt30HaHfMZ8HUxBZgAcM_M Like if you like it πŸ™‚
  15. Hello guys, I recreated my CFG pack for Osiris as promised, as I got a lot of feedback, so I hope you guys have fun with it. There are many CFG legits, but there are some semirages. Place it in the Documents folder, you can find it in the My Documents folder. If you have any saved cfg, don't forget to save it and put it in the cfgs pack. CFG file: Documents\Osiris Change log: - New CFG Updated: May 12, 2020 | 11:25 (UTC -3: 00) Osiris.zip
  16. Osiris update 15/12/2019 -Added "Fake Prime Status" feature, visible for everyone in lobby and match. Located in "Misc" section. Download: Osiris.zip VT: shorturl.at/BT179
  17. osiris legit cfg update (its the best update of this cfg guys all of the skins have really good skin and sticker) .zip
  18. I need zuhn config for Osiris , please..
  19. osiris legit cfg update ( wh is off and safe now) (some skins are changed and really better now) πŸ˜„ .zip
  20. Someone have a super legit CFG for Osiris?
  21. osiris legit cfg update (little change in aimbot and skins) VT:https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/db4a87b732f1198f393c21aabe2a2515ceaa02007179e0590637920342620403/detection .zip
  22. Yeah so I did some minor upgrades to my osiris legit cfg! you can try it out! Have fun with it and dont go too rage or you will get banned. (if u get banned is not my responsability).zip virustotal if u want: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/a7f86b5dd60308028bde9744bccf205f89f827e075b8029b2a12d06eaa5786c3/detection
  23. Someone have a osiris legit cfg and shoot with awp like zuhn (jumpshot , no scope) ?
  24. 616

    osiris private cfg

    semilegit? enjoy. .zip
  25. osiris legit cfg update (all guns now have skin) hold alt for triggerbot (on zeus its auto) VT:https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/29a409d770ee238c4a6b9ef49f91df758d9d9235db5bf6ca3cec7ccb182cd0e1/detection .zip
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