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Found 18 results

  1. 78675675_onetap_legit_90789.cfg577777.cfg666.cfg420.cfg30.08.2019.cfg3_2t.cfg3.cfg1tap_by_stepp.cfg1pirvl.cfg1autoperfect.cfg1abeste.cfg1.cfgb1ghvh_scout.cfgawp.cfgauto_baim.cfgauto.cfgAsexual_v2.cfgAll Off.cfgakkovs.cfgAesth_v2_2.zip Fun cfg C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive
  2. DL : https://www81.zippyshare.com/v/jNDhUEdf/file.html My legit and rage/hvh cfg for onetap.su. If u have any suggestions , i would appreciate that :).
  3. i need a good one tag crack cfg if anyone can find one, i like playing anti vac community run hvh servers and i dont want to always get my ass beat by skeet and aw users, i atleast want a chance, i dont want any of your bad cfgs, i want your best if thats possible, ty ❤️
  4. UPDATED Onetap.su No more crash Password: onetap Injector included [hide]CLICK HERE[/hide] Enjoy ❤️
  5. The Skins are in Green Theme (Virus) only for usp is (Kill Confirmed) and for AWP its (Dragon Lore)
  6. HVH FRESZU.zip
  7. DL : https://rghost.fun/download/71d407edefd9d12e7818745087ce152d.html //last update on onetap.su
  8. Onetap dll , OTdllNoCRASH_23-2-2020.zip you're welcome, enjoy it
  9. Hi, I found a onetap (onecrack) crack that was on a shady dudes mega. Seems to be legit tho and no bs like exes just a dll. here is a screenshot of me using it Only drawbacks are I get really bad lag when holding weapons, knife is fine, but the actual cheat works great
  10. Enzo Latest Changes : Improved Auto Sniper Improved AWP Imroved Scout Improved & Updated Fake Lag Ticks Improved & Updated Anti-Aim Added " Break Lagcomp ( Breaks Enemy Backtrack) " Enzo Improved.cfg
  11. Enzo XD

    enzoware v3,

    gamesense.where ? DEAD enzoware v3.cfg
  12. Legit is a file that has been configured for Legit and Rage projects,It can be used in leisure mode. Rage configuration file is mainly used for HVH server. These are my own configuration files. legit.cfg Rage.cfg
  13. hey so one question how do you download a cfg file for onetap and then use it in game?
  14. You don't need depot anymore, you can inject the dll without any depot try it yourself if you dont believe me, fixot.zip
  15. Hey this is how you patch the Onetap.su crack Go to your browser and type this " steam://nav/console " Then when the Steam Console Opens tpye this on it : " download_depot 730 732 778105160383016210 " should be 242 Mb Once they Download you will find the depot file here : C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\content\app_730\depot_732 and then Copy all the files and paste them here : C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive and here is the dll + Injector LiteInjector.exe onetapfix.dll
  16. Download - https://filemedia.net/39101/vANEcfg Join my discord for more leaks - Join Discord - https://discord.me/ripac
  17. This is THE BEST cfg for onetap you will find on this site lol, try it and let me know enzo-completeHVH.cfg
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