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Found 4 results

  1. CS:GO Osiris Hack Fix: There has been a fix for the CS:GO Osiris Hack. Offsets had to be updated. For More Information on the Fix and the Code changed (Visit the Issue I opened here): https://github.com/danielkrupinski/Osiris/issues/542 If you can't code or don't have the time to, I have provided the updated .dll that is recompiled with all the new offsets. UPDATED CHEAT (09/26/2019): https://anonfile.com/HcP8J361n1/Osiris_dll If the DLL didn't work for you, you could always compile it yourself without any additional coding (Prerequisites- Visual Studio 2019 with Windows SDK Core Installed): https://github.com/VuBrian22/CS-GO-Osiris-Hack-FIXED Post Edit: Use SazZ's Injector found here: https://cheater.fun/injectors/640-download-injector-for-games-sazinjector-working-for-all-games-free.html ------SazZ's Injector had the highest successful injections with one to none crashes and errors that have occurred. UPDATE: Since the cheat has been officially updated and tested please recompile the source from here: https://github.com/danielkrupinski/Osiris/
  2. download_depot 730 732 614558246547699963 This is the depot you need to use. -It doesn't crash so no worries hope you have fun 🙂 . Onetap.zip -Enjoy -Moderator Note: This is not the actual source code it is just a .dll which you use an injection method to load into game. There are easier ways of using onetap crack without downloading the depot. Enjoy!
  3. CFG: .zip What's new! > ESP >Aimbot improved >Triggerbot >Fire hold
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