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About Me

  1. Hello. This is a skeet.cc remake. Dll: SKEET.CC Remake.dll Font: menu_font.zip IMPORTANT: Make sure to download the font. Once you do that, open the font file, then click install in the top left. If you don't do this, the menu will look horrible. Enjoy - Dan
  2. CFG in (C:\X1N3\Configurations) DOWNLOAD HACK: X1N3_cheater.fun.zip winrar password: cheater.fun VT: [Hidden Content] SOURCE CODE: [Hidden Content] or
  3. This cheat is looking so much like skeet, before you say this is bytecheats, this is not bytecheats. Its better. I still did not tested the legit cheat if its working or not but i've tested the rage and its like 5x times better than byte. Its taps free cheats, onetap.su sometimes, idk why i cant hit aw, and i did not tested it on fatality nor skeet. This is not bad. It also has the last section fixed, but in bytecheats the last section was blank with no options. Enjoy ! dll :skeet.dll this cfg is only good against free cheats and ONLY sometimes taps onetap. I am a bad cfger so i suggest you to make your own cfg for the cheat. - wtf.zip location: csgo folder/ PerfectSense
  4. fitures : blockbot / name stealer / internal glow (red , blue , green , custom) / spamdoor / bhop + autostrafe / custom name / spam ( glock , famas , scope , r8 ) / runboostbot . tutorial with the file : AnimeSoftware-master (1).zip extract AnimeSoftware-master (1).zip : AnimeSoftware-master --> AnimeSoftware --> AnimeSoftware --> bin --> Debug --> AnimeSoftware.exe launch game , start AnimeSoftware.exe and enjoy tutorial with github source code : [Hidden Content] Donwload it, extract it , go to : AnimeSoftware-master --> AnimeSoftware --> start AnimeSoftware.sln with Visual Studio 2019
  5. This is my Onetap paste great for HVH Only will add legit bot later *UPDATED* I removed my loader and added dll only since alot of people were bitching too much and apparently cant read a simple post but if you get banned thats your fault cuz my loader is undetected but since nobody likes to fucking read, enjoy >_> Config location: C:\stickrpghookv2 if u want my config join cheater.fun discord SS: 2 screenshots InternalxHD.zip
  6. DOWNLOAD HACK: X1.dll DOWNLOAD SOURCE: XONE.zip VT: [Hidden Content]
  7. Hiya! I came here to post Mirror.tk fixed version. It is pretty buggy so please check their steam group for help resolving issues. Here is some media! (this was all in a 1v1, so i couldn't get anything better than this) Do not say that you crash, because it only crashes if you turn off the engine prediction (because it doesn't work), Click this for my config Download
  8. Hello People. I decided to give lit injector remastered a new look because the old one look like it came from MSPAINT. So today i give you guys the early release. But it's NOT undetected. This injector is risky. If you want a undetected injector by me then go to cheater.fun >> injectors >> lit injector The DEV version is 100% undetected. The DEV version is the FULL version. Once it's done it would be released. FULL undetected release coming soon. DISABLE ANTI VIRUS I will give some of my friends the undetected DEV version early :)))) plz dont beg for a DEV version FEATURES TO BE ADDED Drag and drop Undetected from other anti cheats (This is hard. I mostly not accomplish this.) FINAL DESIGN: Kate if you are reading this there is a problem with my ip. When you give me the "ELITE ROLE" I cannot comment, post and download from this site :((( Download for the early version (Very Rsky) Lit Injector Remastered early.zip
  9. pretty nice hvh cheat for csgo, with good cfg you can make some media with it DLL: fuchill.zip VT: [Hidden Content] Enjoy ! it can kill a ot crack user pretty ez, but it will mostly baim. !!!! YOU NEED TO INJECT IN MENU AND LOAD CFG IN GAME OR IT WILL CRASH !!!!
  10. This is a quick release feel free to ask questions about it in here. Good cheat and it will do, if you cant inject just use a different injector... YeahNot.dll
  11. DOWNLOAD HACK: slowness.cc V0.6.zip VT CHEAT: [Hidden Content] VT CFG: [Hidden Content]
  12. [Hidden Content] Notice:useAtOwnRisk Ban? Emmmm..... I not tried sorry* [Hidden Content] Try it! UsEAtOwnRisK!
  13. Hi, I found a onetap (onecrack) crack that was on a shady dudes mega. Seems to be legit tho and no bs like exes just a dll. here is a screenshot of me using it Only drawbacks are I get really bad lag when holding weapons, knife is fine, but the actual cheat works great
  14. DOWNLOAD: deviant.zip VT: [Hidden Content] by ft.Heleks
  15. Fatality.win cracked have fun ❤️. fatality.win.zip Stay Fatal 😛. Edit : Just so you know its not a bitcoin miner/its some kind of an network eating stuff but it doesnt affect you're PC.
  16. Multi Hack Glitch Beta design and Coded by artin yari Version : 0.1.3 Update : 2/1/2020 Download anonfile : [Hidden Content] Virus Total : [Hidden Content] bf7dd8623adf751c946659d59c9b17d8d298b4797dec4ca248c5f93f184193b2
  17. Compiled source of Sensum, could potentially get you banned. Good legit with a bit of configing, can also semirage against shitty spinners. 1nd1g0.dll
  18. Game Hour Booster And Also Account Comments 🙂 fsociety-bot.zip Fuck Society 🙂❤️


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