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  1. you need to have tempermonkey, open a new script and copy-paste in
  2. i think this cheat is not longer updated... i don't think it works. i suggest you to use eggfest [Hidden Content]
  3. DEAR NUDESWARE USER a new update is out! pls update by downloading the new version!
  4. I am pleased to introduce the TeaLoader to you. Since Team Fortress 2 has the same VAC system and various similarities to CS:GO, it was fortunately easier for me to make a cheat loader for Team Fortress 2 after the MadLoader project. It offers many included cheats, an undetected integrated injector and it offers many features such as an integrated software updater, a Custom Injector, a repair files method in case the antivirus gives a false alarm again and many other stuff. There will be regular updates, and a live status for the cheats is of course also included. Features: -Start Team Fortress 2 Button -Close Steam Button -VAC-ByPass -Custom Injector -Software Updater (Automatic) -Repair files method -Inject Buttons -Live status -CommentBox More coming soon.. --------------- Instructions: -Turn off any antivirus on your computer -Extract the file -Start the "TeaLoader Setup.exe" as administrator -Install the TeaLoader -After setup you can start the TeaLoader How to Use: - Turn off any antivirus on your computer - Close Steam - Click on [VAC-ByPass-Loader] - Wait until the initialization is successful - Start Team Fortress 2 - Click on the Cheat what you want - Enjoy ! If you need support, join our discord server. Please do not neglect to share your suggestions, ideas and issues with us. (I take the role to transmit all the messages of this topic to the developer. ) dev site: [Hidden Content] --------- disclamer part: Lin : i'm not the devlopper of this loader, i just upload here to advise the work of the dev. the devlopper is ByMynix. cheat originally uploaded in cheater.run. ---------- VT: [Hidden Content] tealoader.zip
  5. DEAR NUDESWARE USERS, PLEASE READ THIS!!! ATTENTION: please be careful. this cheat are now detected with a lot of injector! the cheat is now to use at your own risk. PLZ DON'T USE THIS IN YOUR MAIN ACCOUNT!! i'll continue to update regularly the status, please check the topic regularly!
  6. dear eggfest user, a update is out! please update it and if something doesn't work, please explain calmly and in detail what is wrong.
  7. DEAR NUDESWARE USERS, PLEASE READ THIS!!! ATTENTION: please check the status section, some injector are DETECTED!! i'll update regularly the status, please check the topic regularly!


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