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onetap Video Tutorial for last csgo update (onetap)

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Here is a video for every noobs, haters and all that don't understand how the depot thing works ! 

Have Fun With Onetap.su And sorry for my bad english, i m french! ?


If the console part dont work for you try this



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I forgot what you need :


download_depot 730 732 778105160383016210

If you're scared of me go on this corsair thread for onetap.dll or download it from this link directly (link from the thread) :



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5 minutes ago, Cristi Toropoc said:

its because you put nav here on the forum --> steam://nav/console 

and in the video you put steam://open/console



Oh yeah you're right i've fucked this i ll edit this now thx

3 minutes ago, itzlit said:

"if you are scared of me" lmfao

It's just because some people think that i have put virus in the dll, that i am a HACKER but you know I don't even understand anything at coding so... XDDD

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3 minutes ago, use code dumb said:

omg. that takes so long. why cant you just do dll file and inject it?

It's because the crack is old, this method is a fix not a crack so yeah you can't just inject a dll.

3 weeks ago it was the same (you have to download a depot) but then they fixed the dll to go with the new version of csgo.

I'm not a coder so i can't fix the dll to the new version, sorry.

1 minute ago, Cristi Toropoc said:

Works perfectly, thank you!

Go kick some AimWare player on HvH serv, or do whatever you want but at least have fun with the cheat ?

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