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other New Legit Osiris Config


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Heya people,

I decided to make another config for osiris because Osiris is updated a couple of times and didn't have time to update my configfile

Let me know if you think i should make a change somewhere in the config

hope everyone enjoys it ?

If you don't wanna read the info, just scroll down, download is on the bottom of this post ?


-Visible Only
-Nearest Bone
-FOV: 1.20
====Anti Aim====
-Enabled (Not sure it works)
-Enemies (Health Based)
-Planting+Defusing (Rainbow)
-Head Dot (Red)
-Name (Blue)
-Health (Green)
-Enemy footsteps: 200%
-Menu Key: INSERT
-Bunny Hop
-Sniper Crosshair
-Radar Hack
-Reveal Ranks
-Spectator List
====Skin Changer====
-Karambit (Autotronic)
-AK-47 (Aquamarine Revenge)
-AWP (Dragon Lore)
-Deagle (Oxide Blaze)




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