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cfg How to make a decent config for your autosniper.

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Hello, so in this topic I will explain how to make a decent config for your autosniper. This guide was inspired by people i've met on HvH servers, that needed help with configuring their cheats for a specific weapon. Now one thing to note, is that I will not explain what each and every future does, only specific ones that I believe are not understood or known amongst most new HvHers. Another thing to note, is that some of the features here will be from Onetap v2, because I find it more easy to learn to configure weapons with it, than most cheats out there. Alright now if you don't understand or not know what a feature does, please ask in the comments down below. Now, Let's start !.

So first and most basic things we're gonna turn on are 

Auto(matic) Scope ,

Auto(matic) Stop, Between Shots,

Silent Aim,

Auto(matic) Fire,

Alright, now that we got the basics out of the way let's get to the hitchances and pointscales. Keep in mind, that you need to understand well your playstyle (the way you play), so you can set the following values right.

Hitchance, can be set from 60% - 80%, depending on your playstyle,

Accuracy Boost, can be set from 60% - 80%, again depending on your playstyle,

Body Pointscale, can be set from 70% - 75% - 80%, depending on your config, the higher you set the value the more you're gonna hit the pointscale with the higher value,

Head Pointscale, can be set from 25% - 30% - 32%, again depending on your config,

Now, we are gonna set the damages, the overrides, and check some other features that you might find useful.

Minimum Damage Visible, can be set from 35hp - 44hp, depending on your playstyle, you want to have the value close to 44hp if you have a more agressive playstyle and close to 35hp if you have a more passive playstyle,

Minimum Damage Wall, can be set from 17hp - 27hp, again depending on your playstyle,

Minimum Damage on Key, can be set to 15hp, " Minimum Damage on Key " is also known as " Damage Override ",

Health Based Override, can be set from 5hp to 15hp or 17hp,

Also here a good thing to check is Safe point, if you want to have a body-aim config, you can turn this on no problem, but for a head-aim config I wouldn't really suggest using it. It is not like with it enabled you're gonna hit body all the time, but head is not always the safest point to target cheat-wise.

Alright, now let's set the Hitboxes, Multipoints and then we're gonna do the Exploits.

Hitboxes, for auto's hitboxes, set everything from head to legs but no feet, because they don't do much damage,

Multipoint, for auto's multipoints, set everything from head to legs but no feet, again,

Finally let's set the Exploits.

Your cheat might have it as Doubletap or Hide Shots, you can set it on always on or you can have it on toggle to a key close to you, so you can toggle it fast. However if you're new to HvH I would suggest not using exploits, so you can learn better.

Also your cheat might have another exploit called " break lagcomp (LC) " which basically prevents you from getting backtracked.

Ending, thanks for reading this guide, if you want follow me for more and support me by liking the post, thanks again and have fun cheating.




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