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This is good for people who have a hack for apex legends but there isn't a no recoil option which is a bummer :classic_wacko:

Feel Free To Ask Me A Question And I will Answer It ASAP

This is python script and make sure you have python  on your computer.

Here are the instructions!

Github (download)

 install pip for python 3 (search it on the internet)

open CMD and type

pip install pyautogui
pip install playsound

Open the .PY and in the text line edit with the key to your liking by default is on the "x"


#Set the toggle button
toggle_button = 'x' (to activate / deactivate)


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grammar mistakes

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Try to open it from CMD

7 hours ago, mrrealgoz said:

how open .PY?


Make sure you have windows

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