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detected WR417H Multihack - Check Latest Post

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Hey there,


Changelog/Feature List: https://pastebin.com/D4NRTebN


WR417H comes in two variants; WR417H Free and WR417H Full.. They are both exclusively legit cheats and both have a fairly large feature list, from which the 'Full' version is more extended.

I have built WR417H almost entirely from the ground up myself, aside from some help from the community and the use of some Skeet Menu Icons 😄...

Nothing inside of WR417H's source code is pasted with the exception of some functions for V_Table hooking (from Osiris, which is now detected).


That's it, thank you. Enjoy 🙂


Short Simple Showcase (v1.0): https://streamable.com/et0xlk

SS (v1.0): https://imgur.com/VGYNrJu


Total Downloads so far: 2000 +


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14 hours ago, Thanh An Phan said:

appreciate your work.Nice job and keep it up.Any public discord?

Hey man, no there is no public discord yet but I will make one if enough people request it. :)

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1 hour ago, stfubitchlol said:

Dude for some reason it's not working. I keep pressing insert key but nothinng pops up.

Are you injecting with injector provided? If so, make sure you are running the injector as admin and the filename for the DLL is exactly ; WR417H_v1.00.dll

Otherwise the injector won't work. If it still doesn't work, then try and use SazInjector. GL!

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8 hours ago, stfubitchlol said:

Yo guys has anyone tried it yet? Is it good for legit? Can i use this on my main?

Personally I think it's good for legit, you probably can safely use it on main, but it hasn't been tested enough with it being released to the public so the risk is up to you, until about a week has passed, then I'll know.

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