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3 hours ago, Станислав С. said:

So when I inject any version 9f otc, it crashes my game instantly.

Any tips or actual help, not replying to me as 'oh download it from me dud' ive tried every single one from this page and still crashing

Try injecting in windowed mode and then enable multicore rendering it shuld fix it then you can change your rez itll still work 🙂

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9 hours ago, MatoMatoo said:

You need to download the depot. Then put the files in the csgo folder. Download onetap.dll and inject it into csgo. I use GInjector.

And i have the launch options set to default (i don't have "-disable_d3d9ex"). 

No need to repeat yourself over and over and over and over and over


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1 hour ago, brotherzenn14 said:

i still crashed tho ...

am using windows 10 , 1600 x 900 monitor

I dont know i use windows 10/ 1280x768 but it works fine try varifying integrity of game files

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