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rcs PUBG Recoil Control Sistem

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DL : https://www23.zippyshare.com/v/lL340Q2e/file.html

The cheat was mabe by Nicholas Mladenovic (Uploaded by KjutNikolas)

Details :

When you open the program u will see 3 numbers on your right bottom side, the 1st number is the recoil value, middle number is speed between mouse movements (miliseconds), the third number on the right is the recoil increase value after shooting some time (cus the recoil isnt constant but ascending)

NOTE: You can change the numbers with: left/right arrow key , up/down arrow key, and pageUP/pageDown on numpad.


Turn on and off with f2 Here are my perfect settings for no recoil (my mouse DPI is 750, ingame sensitivity is 40) so you do the math: Left number: (7 for m4a1,qbz,scar),(8 for ak),(5 6 or even 7 for smgs find urself)

Middle number: 15

Right number: 5

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Can you reupload it please ?

*Edit: nevermind, found it.

It's old aff.

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