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Got banned from CS:GO? Remove the ban? Types of locks


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In this article I will tell you what bans are in CS: GO, because VAC ban - not the only punishment that Valve uses to punish players. I hope this will help you to behave properly to avoid getting ban or at least learn what it is you got banned and do you have the ability to take it off.

Global Cooldown - This account is permanently Untrusted


First of all, it should be noted that this is not a real VAC ban! However, after 12 hours after receiving such a ban in your Steam profile will display the inscription that your account received a VAC ban. Unlike the real VAC ban, there is still a chance that it will disappear. About this VAC ban read below.

If you really did not cheat and did not do anything forbidden in the game, do not worry! After a while, he can get off by himself. Such a ban is simply a very good game, though it is unlikely, because you will have to play very well, too well. Is issued this ban usually after, as a special algorithm scanned your actions in game and calculated your behavior unrealistic.

How to avoid?

If you still cheated and got a ban, it means that you have a really good cheat, which is not detectable anti-cheat, but the game has repeatedly noticed for you unrealistic behavior. If you want to play with cheats, avoid this ban, you should use a smooth AIM bot, periodically disable cheats and play yourself. And it is better in General not to use cheats that somehow affect your behavior and rely on informative cheats such as wallhack.

Getting such a ban has nothing to do with how much you have thrown at you report. Also, this does not mean that you have found cheats, because if the game is 100% sure that you cheated, you will get a real VAC ban.

Condemned by the Patrol [a serious violation]

If you get a lot of reports, the game sends a record of your game to the investigation. The investigation is conducted by experienced and inexperienced players CS: GO with more or less decent titles. Consider your record will be several players and the results are determined by the number of votes of most of them. If the majority decided that you are cheating, you get banned from patrol.

If you received this ban, your Steam profile will display such a sign here.


If you have received a ban, then do your cheat will not be detected by the game that you have calculated your behavior. If you really have not cheated, you can challenge such a ban through Steam support.

Well, if you do hack, in the future do not make outright stupidity. For example, it is definitely not necessary to aim at enemies through the walls, because the patrol is all perfectly visible.

VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat)


Getting VAC ban means that anti-cheat saw clear signs that you are using cheats. In other words, the game is 99.9% sure that you cheater. Most often this happens because of the carelessness of the cheater and the use of irrelevant cheats that are in the anti-cheat database.

Who would not tell you that, but the real VAC ban can not be removed! Do not get fooled by youtubers ' clickbaits and false articles, create a new account and do not step on the same rake!

The fact that you have received a WAC ban will be obvious for 2 reasons. First, your Steam profile will immediately display a message on the right that you have received a VAC ban.

Secondly, when you try to log in to the game from the top you will have a yellow message that the game is not available on secure servers, because this Steam account has been blocked for using cheats.

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