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todays guys the most of cheats you inject it work but nothing shows in menu so i have 4 solutions to fix this !!!

1 - enable multi core rendering in game settings 

most of cheats need this to work perfectly

2 - type -disable_d3d9ex in csgo launch options settings

to not meet problmes in menu of cheats such as gray screen or something

3 - install fonts of cheats

some of cheats come with dll and not come with fonts so i upload some necessary fonts to cheats in topic

4 - change your injector to another injector

some cheats not compatibility with most of injecors so try another one and it will fix

NOTE !! 

please use our cheats in our website cheater.fun or in our forum corsair.wtf it's safe 100% and no problmes with it



csgo cheats fonts.rar

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