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Rainbow Six Siege cheat - 20$/Month

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Phoenix CommunityPhoenix R6S is a reliable and easy cheat for Rainbow Six Siege. Tested about 4 months before public sales.

This cheat is undetected for 2+ months.




Wallhack - you can see enemy operatives through the walls.

Names Esp - visible names (nicknames) of enemies through the walls.

Icons Esp - allows you to see enemy icons through obstacles (works on the whole map).

Chams- paints the models of all visible characters in a bright color, so that they are easier to see.

No Recoil - recoil of all weapons reduced by about 90%.

No Sway - the scatter of weapons during the shooting was removed almost completely.

The software is available in English and Russian.


Supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 | Support all processors | The product is optimized and will affect your FPS!



1 day - 2$

5 days - 7$

15 days - 15$

30 days - 20$

Screenshots and instruction (link):

Third slideThird slide Third slide

(link) Gameplay video (link)


About the purchase process:

  • During payment, you enter the data on witch an account will be created on our website.
  • If you already haven an account, just enter your details. 

Download from here from purchase (link)

You can buy this cheat here - 1 day | 5 days | 15 days | 30 days


If I have questions, you can write in Discord: !Vald#9978

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6 hours ago, Luc York-Shakeur said:


Buy a subscription while you have it, the cheat works

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Hello, I’m in China and I can’t pay for payment. Can you add Alipay for payment? Otherwise we can't buy your products, thank you

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