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dota Cheap Dota 2 cheats - 8$/Mouth

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This is a super cheat on Dota 2 from Umbrella Corp.


Jungle Map Hack: - display of enemies farming in the forest:
On Map - display settings on the world map:
Enabled - enable the function;
Indicaror Size - indicator size;

On Minimap - display settings on the minimap:
Enabled - enable the function;
Circle Radius - indicator size;

Visible by Enemy - indication when enemies see you:
Enabled - general inclusion of the function;
On Self - turn on the display on yourself;
On Teammates - enable indication on allies;

Manabars - display the number of mana for enemies:
Enabled - enable the function;
Bar Thickness - setting the thickness of the mana bar;

Show Hidden Spells - display hidden abilities from the list below:
Enabled - enable the function;
Show Liear Projectiles - display of linear projektals by the type of arrow of a mirana, hook puja;

Show Illusions - display enemy illusions:
Enabled - enable the function;
Pitch Lift - setting to raise the original model among illusions;
Block Orders By Illusions - prohibits clicking on illusions (?);
Block Radius - radius of the ban;



Rune Snatcher - runes auto-matching:
Enabled - enable the function;
Only Bounty Rune - when turned on, it will only pick up the runes of wealth;

Zoom Hack - camera distance (the value also changes on the mouse wheel):
Enabled - enable the function;
Camera Distance - slider for changing the distance;
Zoom Step - step / jump size when adjusting the distance through the mouse wheel;



Save Menu State - if enabled, it will remember the state of the menu when minimizing / expanding;
Fixate Log Window - if enabled, it will display the log window even when the menu is minimized;
Reload Scripts - reloads scripts, useful if the script is broken, spamming with errors, does not work correctly;
Show Log - includes a window of logs and script errors;


These are far from all functions, because they appear every day. You can always install new ones by going to the section on the forum.



Launch instructions:



1. First you need to download the cheat itself: dist.uc.zone/umbrella.zip
2. You need to place the cheat so that there are no Russian letters in the path to it, just create the "UMBRELLA" folder (without the quotes) and drop the cheat files into it
3. Now you need to install Visual C ++ 2017 Both versions 64 and 86!
x86 | x64
3.1. Also be sure to put the NET Framework
4. Go to the folder with the software and run UmbrellaLoader.exe
5. Launcher will launch DotA and the cheat menu will appear.


After buying the cheat you will be given a key that will need to be entered HERE

Buy - 30 days/8$
If I have questions, you can write in Discord: !Валд#9978

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19 hours ago, jazzpalms said:

Dude, at least let people try it out, "you're like pay me, don't worry, you don't know me, but you gotta trust me" are you on that putin drug called "pizdec".

You can write to me on discord and by stream I will show you how it works!

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