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[OTC] Good Config


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Only One Person Came To Me on Discord to Request the Version 3 of my Config. I tried my old one it was kinda good but not exactly P100.
So here it is releasing it to the public the Version 3 of PugChamp CFG.

I was able to clutch 1v4. The last guy was low hp but had insane AA couldn't beat him but I was able to finish it. Just try to play passive and know when to peek. The AA is kinda good if you are trying to kill someone but fighting someone/insta peek wouldn't be good. We lose cause enemy used OT v3 and Fatality and PPHUD while my team uses OTC.

Next game was 2v2 able to beat someone the enemy had p100 config. the other member left and he was still insane but we won easily.

Contact me if you want a working Astro v2 DLL



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