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detected OneTap VMP protected DLL + Injector

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Hey guys, yesterday I started HvH'ing for the first time of my life. I went to cheater.fun and saw this OneTap crack that I currently use. I read the comments and saw that people complain about the detection and crash issues.

I'm here to do half the job for you.

All credits go to : fix by 0x000cb for sharing the onetap crack,  Mikuzi ( Cheater.fun ) for the advices, and the creator of  Corsair injector Sad

Run the injector, and the game, then select the game process, and the dll by clicking on " add ", once in game lobby, press inject 🙂 


For security reasons, I've been told to remove the corsair injector download, and to redirect you to the source. 
Download link

VirusTotal : 



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1 hour ago, Scrxly said:

is that the fixed otc source?

I guess It is, it works perfectly fine for me

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On 6/24/2020 at 6:33 PM, hubczyk said:

where i can put cfg?


The cfgs should be put in your counterstrike folder.  SteamLibrary, steamapps, common, counterstrike global offensive

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