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crack 0x0000cb just ended the whole project.

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So, 0x0000cb just ended the whole project, by project, i mean, onetap crack and fatality crack.

In his discord, he said he would stop developing it so... He will post the source code in his github, i think... Atleast that's what he said, anyways, was good while it lasted, i mean it's not going to end but, it might take a while for someone to update both dlls.




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11 hours ago, Validix said:

Send me an invite to his discord server :))


I really can't, i joined by his github tho.

Like, in his server he disabled invite making and shit, but im pretty sure u can join his discord by his github.

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6 hours ago, Krissitoi said:

Rip, hopefully someone will continue updating the dll, cause I aint got no money for real OT lmao

pretty sure they will, it might take a while tho.

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On 7/2/2020 at 3:51 PM, papr said:

lol thanks for faking this lol 🙂 hes not ending anything 

lol wdym? i literally showed proof of him ending it all clown ass

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