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use at your own risk Fatality Pasted fix (Remake) //Outdated

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Made from a turkish crap source and fixed some functions, i had 1 time crash when is set legit aim.
-Legit aa works
-Rage works
-Rage aa works
-Esp Works

Others will see in game.spacer.png



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5 hours ago, qDumy. said:

cfg pls ???



On 6/13/2020 at 10:51 PM, 1234jeka1234 said:

cfg bro ?

There you go guys, hvh config only with set for ssg08 and awp, some aa settings, visuals etc
configs folder if you have you can find it there:
if you dont have it then make one :x


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you cannot enter the community servers when I press the button to access the servers the server screen is invisible and, if you manage to enter the community server, the game will fail (with bots working) if you go to the server screen Windows I can't get into the game anymore, but I congratulate you (much better than otc) ❤️, but I ask that you correct this error as soon as possible (Google translator)


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