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use at your own risk SKI INJECTOR 1.3 (DISCONTINUED)


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Ski injector is a free easy to use injector built by skiez. It's been tested and works flawlessy. The owner of the injector puts bunch of coding and hard work and original ideas. Keeping track of it and puts effort trying to add frequent updates.

UPDATE: Ski Injector has reached it EOL (End of Life). I lost the source code and didnt back it up. I dont think i can re-work on this. That would take too much work and i wont be able to bring this project back without its source code.


Sadly, after putting bunch of my skills of coding into this. it. It's not getting the attention it needs. Help spread this injector. Make sure you're promoting it the right way. Corsair's TOS is very important to follow.


Kate (Owner of Corsair and Cheater.fun) or any administrator 

This injector took me a while to develop before it was released to Corsair. I had put all of my hard work into this injector all by my self with bunch of coding, design, knowledge and updates. I want people in this community to have a simple injector with bunch of effort built in on people's hands. I work hard to make it easy to use. I would really love to see Ski Injector to be submitted to Cheater.fun. I had put original ideas into this simple powerful software. If you're adding it to cheater.fun, feel free to do. My cheater.fun profile is here (https://cheater.fun/user/Skiez/) or contact me through discord Skiez#3189  (dms are open)

(My discord account is new cuz my main got disabled)

VT https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/d51ba5138f4585a2a87c311c22d9971302f21e7c7dc1588c25e7e58f46df6d25/detection


Seems like false detection due to the code preventing Valve''s software from banning users. This is not going to harm your PC.


Whats new in 1.3?

Disclaimer window no longer ugly

When injector, a little notification appears on the bottom left instead of taking 38% of the screen (closes automatically in 5 seconds)

Fixed the logo

Added a rock, paper, sicssors game. Can be found in the MISC section!


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