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I made a short Cheating guide for new people

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Hello, I decided to try to make a short guide on csgo cheating hvh etc for new people.

What is csgo cheating?

Csgo cheating is when you use a program, internal or external to gain an unfair advantage in csgo.

Whats the difference between an internal/external cheat?

Internal cheats are injected using an injector, and external aren't ,and use another app exept csgo.


internal:otc is injected and you use insert to open it in game.

external:you click inject on the cheat's own injector and you activate the cheat's features without being in the csgo application.

What are the types of cheating?

Il explain them from least obvious to most obvious.

Closet cheating: Uses an esp(visible only) or no esp, uses legitbot without assist or very low assist with a small fov.

Legit cheating:Uses esp(hidden and visible)/chams + a legitbot(bigger fov) and maybe a assist.

Semi-legit: Uses chams + a legitbot + full assist and maybe a triggerbot

Semi-rage: uses chams + legitbot + full assist + triggerbot.

Rage:uses chams + ragebot

HvH:uses chams + ragebot + antiaim + fakelag( this is usually used when you hack against another player who is hacking or you go into a special community hvh server)

What is legitbot:

Legitbot is a bot that helps you aim better.

What is triggerbot:

Triggerbot is a legitbot that also shoots automatically for you.

What is ragebot:

Ragebot is a triggerbot that shoots faster and is way more obvious.

What is antiaim/AA:

Your "aim" is your caracter, the thing that players have to shoot in order to give damage you.

Anti aim makes it harder for your caracter to be hit by modifying the way it is oriented.

Types of AA:

Normal/Static.(basically makes ur caracter look down and not face the other players(ur head is at ur back))

Jitter: its the same as static exept this time ur caracter also does very fast movements in a pattern in order to be harder to hit.

Spin:basically jitter but you spin right round baby right round like a record play baby right round!

What is a resolver:

So in hvh if another player has AA the resolver comes in,but what does it do? In short terms it basically makes it so your cheat detects the other player has a AA and instead of missing and shooting the AA it shoots the player and does damage(without a resolver it will hit the AA easier with a resolver it hits the actual player)

What is fakeduck:

You are standing but at the same time you aren't

What is esp/chams: its wallhack(allows you to see players through walls)

Now il give some examples of hvh slang:

NN= No namer: means ur unknown

NC= New comer: new to hvh

Dog: dog is usually used as a way to tell you ur bad

1w:Means that you are in a position when you can shoot the other player but he can't do it

Skeetless: You don't have skeet/gamesense

Crack user/user: you use onetap crack

and in conclusion.... don't hvh the community is toxic.

Hope i helped

(if i got anything wrong tell me but remember i tried saying it in a way that new people would understand)

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