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undetected How to make your cheat undetected (Part #1)

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Now in this topic i am gonna give out some tips to pasters out there on how to make their paste undetected. So to start off i am gonna give the most simple tip, add junk code to your cheat, so basically " junk code " i believe says it all itself and i don't need to explain but for new pasters here is what it is itself and what it does, also i am gonna provide a link for a junk code generator and a tutorial on how to add junk code. Also keep in mind that this tutorial is aiming at really beginner to intermediate ( kinda ) coders/pasters.

What is junk code? What is it used for?

Basically junk code is code that has/makes no sense at all and usually people include this type of code to their cheats to make their cheat uc. Junk code does nothing and is used to change the signature of the cheat itself.

How is my cheat protected by junk code?

So basically junk code makes your cheat unique and protects it from being detected by VAC system ( somewhat ). So basically the way they do this is kinda simple, they look for signatures and patterns in memory and blacklist them. That's why if many people use the same cheat they're gonna get banned because the system detects those signatures and patterns in your memory ( or RAM ) and gets the cheat detected and you get banned. So the junk code basically is something in between  your actual code itself and when the check runs it confuses the system, and that is how we disguise and break the signatures of our cheats.

How much junk code is needed and where to put it?

It really depends on how safe you want your cheat to be usually its something like this : more junk code - cheat is safer. And for the second question, the junk code should go in both the .cpp and .h files.

Do i need to remove any specific features ( such as Ragebot . misc or esp etc.. ) ?

I mean most people have heard that removing features from your cheat makes your cheat more undetectable, i have heard about it too but in my opinion you don't need to remove any features from your cheat because adding enough junk code to each individual .cpp and .h files is more sufficient to make your cheat signature safe. The VAC system is not good so it's easy to bypass too, so go out there and make a detected source undetected again.

P.S : It's not really an efficient, nor viable option if you're trying to make a P2C ( Pay To Cheat ) from it and have it stay undetected from long though.


Here is the link i promised to provide about a junk code generator.

Junk Code Generator

Also keep in mind that once you copy and paste your junk code refresh the page for fresh junk code.


Here is also a nice tutorial from youtube by " Mozari ".

Junk Code Tutorial

Also keep in mind that this video was posted 1 month ago so its kinda recent.



I would like to thank you for the reputation on my last post about OTC addons and i also would like to hear from you guys in the comments if you want more simple tutorials like this or if i should keep making small general topics and cheat reviews the next tutorial in this series on guides would be about how to prevent your cheat from crashing ( updating offsets ) and also i would like to know if you want me to explain in text the tutorial or just add youtube video but to be honest i think with videos it is gonna be easier for beginners. That's all i had to say don't forget to drop me some good reputation and ill see you in the next one. peace.

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3 hours ago, Scrxly said:

Great Job thanks!!!

can you text me?

Discord scrxlyy#5424


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junk code does nothing, i still dont understand why people believe it in 2020. just vmp ur dll and it should be good

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i just started uploading those guides out there if there's any methods i haven't gone over i would maybe try them in a next guide and try to explain them as simply as possible. Also its been proven that junk code actually helps and you can see it in the section where i talk about the system and how the junk code works as something between the actual code of the cheat and helps it to be undetected. If you disagree then fine. Many people have their ways of protecting their cheats and this is a pretty common way.

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Next time please go to the tutorial section to avoid wrong placed threads in between the right placed ones. thanks.

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