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is it Aimbooster and aim400kg improve my aim?


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You dont need an aim trainer. Like I said all it basically does is you can shoot at bots all day long but only headshots effect them. You might as well just play the real game and use no weapons other than the rifle.

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I should work on a release version of my mod that would be easy for people to install and use. As it is now, it takes some tweaking and setup to get the bots behaving properly. In adition to the headshot only mode that Acid mentioned, it has an instagib mode to work on shock primary skill. The value of the sniper mode, is your brain will associate failure with hitting just the body, and as a result, you will be nailing headshots left, right and center, without evening thinking about it or trying to aim for the head. In game practice, is of course an outstanding way to improve. The advantage of the mod is that its highly concentrated practice as opposed to running around a map, looking for someone to shoot at. Its also fantastic for warmup before playing, and it does indeed tell you quantitatively how good your aim is in a given moment. For instance, you can use it as a measuring tool to tell you what mouse sensitivity works best for you. Or as I suggested, it can tell you just what a difference something like Raquetball can do for your skills. Its very hard to get that from online play, because its very inconsistent and can give random results.

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