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undetected MoneySense By Chill X (Rage Legit HVH)

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Credit to Chill X for making this cheat!

This cheat is probably the most craziest one i have ever used in my life.

Cheat is free and undetected

To have the aimbot working you must turn wall on all the tabs on ragebot.




If you can't get the aimbot to work. Click the developer (which is a video) watch it closely and you can figure out  how to get the aimbot to work.

Cheers 🙂 


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Added a Injector!
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Just now, YingYingSeow said:

do you have the cfg ? if you do can provide me with it. Thanks 🙂

I will try to contact the developer of the cheat about the config's location 

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