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undetected hash - premium internal multi-cheat

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# Visuals
- Bounding box
- Name
- Health
# Miscellaneous
- Inventory changer


Developed by EpikPhailure and EternityX.

This is a very early build shipped with just a few features.
More will be added in due time.

Friendly interface. Sleek visuals. Powerful functionality.
This project has been developed with these ideals in mind.
With your support and feedback, this project can continue to be curated.


1. Download and extract
2. Inject hash_internal.dll into csgo.exe
3. Upon successful load, use the interface to enable/modify features

INSERT - Toggle menu
END - Unload cheat

* Manual map injection instead of native injection is recommended.
  Xenos injector instructions: qKwsdIO.png


- False positives are due to the multiple compression/protection methods deployed on the executable, such as obfuscated entry-point code and MS-DOS header modification
- The only supported anti-cheat is VAC
- Credits to ocornut for imgui
- Credits to DarthTon for Xenos/BlackBone (https://github.com/DarthTon/Xenos/blob/master/LICENSE)


 - Initial release

DOWNLOAD: hash_public.zip

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