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question onetap crack min dmg and backtrack fixed?

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Hello guys!

I did the v5 of my configs and i want to relase it tommorow, but here's a little problem.. 

OTC needs an update cause it has a problem with extended backtracking, hitbox and min dmg

What i expect with "problem with min dmg"? 

So.. let's think that i use scout, then my both min dmg are 75 ( idk)..Why the fuck otc is shooting like "5 dmg" in HEAD? or is just missing? OR IT DOESN T EVEN SHOT?

The another problem is the one : to suppose that i have only head at "hitscans and hitboxes".. WHY THE FUCK OTC IS SHOOTING IN HANDS? OR IN LEGS? ( ofc, i changed head/body scales, hitchances, accuracy, min dmg.. and then what? I can t relase it until i test the cfg on a stable version of otc


I NEED A STABLE OTC VERSION (extended backtrack working, not shooting in hands, and the min dmg fixed)

Peace ❤️ 

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