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Onetap config from youtuber lucky


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9 hours ago, Sober said:


gtfo with ur 2 months old leak, doesnt even work on actual build

So, i bought sub on youtube and thats what is on SUBS discord where are all his configs for cheats. It works only for OT v3.

you cant use this for OTC that shits.


Just buy Onetap, get these to folder and CHEAT.


Its not old cause he use it when he cheat with ONETAP.  Lukcy just use skeet AKA gamesense so what i can do, i cant update them, cause he didnt made a update. If i would update them myself, it would be his config so STFU and GTFO if you dont like that what i got for that comunity

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2 hours ago, FrancescoCZER said:

holly shit my dude, almost had a stroke seeing ur lack of braincells

btw, u dont even have an active sub, cos if so, u would know that old cfgs arent working on actual build. So, tell me my g, whos the broke ass dog now?



Edited by Sober
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