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question Wich is the better?

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ok so heres my view on hvh you get a free cheat as your first cheat you get tapped hella hard by a paid cheat like awv5 so you buy aimware you get tapped by otv3 and skeet and otc and fatal so you get otcv3 you get tapped by skeet and awv5 and otc and fatal so you some how got skeet now you get tapped by fatal and awv5 and otv3 sometimes otc you get fatal you get tapped by otv3 awv5 skeet and sometimes otc what im saying is it dont matter about what cheat you have or what you get its all the same but imo i think v3 is better because its dumb ass proof with its recent update v5 is gay for one and only one reason its bipolar ass resolver sometimes it misses legit AA does hit head on legit players on first shot but aimware has never been cracked it has been pasted by YEAHnot.ru but onetap has skeet been leaked one time thats why there was an update idk someone told me that so idc but fatal has been cracked and leaked so i would say aimware for security but v3 can out perform any cheat plus it dont eat you fps's ass like aimware (aimware be like what Yajirobe did to krillan in dragon ball)

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6 minutes ago, Ski said:

I tapped a guy that had aw with otc on wingman (both raging)

my respone: do not buy aimware.  (if you are looking for rage ofc)

I tapped aw spinning with Triggerbot on Deathmatch

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ive used otv3 and im using aw atm and by far aw is better, although v5 is quite bipolar. On my first 2 hours or so with aw, I had hit 5 clips (1 5k, a 4k and 3 3ks). So overall ill recommend aw but if its youre transitioning from a cheat like otv3 or otc, the menu can be confusing.

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