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A Warning About Pasted Cheats


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Please use pasted cheats at your own risk because a lot of pasted cheats that say they are undetected will probably get detected super quick


Some people that download pastes can get ratted. I know some people that downloaded without checking virus total and got ratted. (This is not all pasted cheats)

Also some of the creators of these cheats have done some very shady things before like, Leaked peoples IPs, scammed people, and other terrible things. (This does not include everyone there are people that are very nice in the pasted cheats community)

To be honest wait and just save your money to buy a cheat or if you don't have money to spend download project infinity and put it on to a USB (I'm not paid to say to download project infinity I just think for what you get for free it's pretty good)


Also i'm not trying to hurt anyone's reputation if they make pasted cheats ❤️

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