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detected Free Chinese cheat for APEX + spoofer

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Hello world!
Everything is done at your own risk, it is a free cheat.
SP-5 (the name of the hack), it was already here and it was updated again, also I have an algorithm, which for this cheat does not block, in any case I have everything OK.

So: (instruction)
1) you download the spoofer for free, you can use any of yours, I use these 2 (I don’t know the efficiency of its utility, but I do it and if I run it without it in the first game (a coincidence is possible))

spoofer (1) - ZeaganZspoof.rar
spoofer (2) - MAC_spoofer.rar

2) download and run a cheat on behalf of the admin / referral - GF23re1D.rar
3) After starting, a blue window will appear and 3 buttons - press the very first (top)
4) A white window should appear - click OK (the window should be small)
5) go to apech
6) customize the cheat on my screenshots. (home-on / off)




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no work
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