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detected Osiris update 10/4/2020

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Osiris dll :AC9O7D8SRHLSW.zip

VT: https://bit.ly/3e8bQU9


VResourceAccessControl001 interface

Updated RenderView.h to use VIRTUAL_METHOD macro

Added LocalPlayer.h

Replace Entity::index netvar with virtual method

Updated Misc::killMessage():

Implement color modulation for "Crystal" chams

Added Surface::getScreenSize() method overload

Added new junk code 

New hash

New name for the dll file so it  stays longer undetected from  VAC Net


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On 4/11/2020 at 5:04 PM, Frappy said:

Doesn't injecting a DLL into CS:GO get you banned easily?

if the dll is undecteted and the injector to you can't get banned by that you can get banned only if they are decteteble or play obv in mm


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7 minutes ago, Elioxis said:

Thx for the update, it looks like osiris has been added to the vac net list so changing the name was a good move


Vac doesn't check for file names, it checks signatures, changing the name has little to no impact on detection. 


If you're trying to make it undetected you'll need to change the signature and change some of the function names and/or remove functions.



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