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question How can i use any cheat/injector?


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I give you some help for the newbie or if you have some probleme with the cheat dll or injector.






Some question :

How can i open my injector?

How to inject the cheat?

Why my anti-virus detect like a virus?


1. How you can open the Injector, simple, just download any injector (i recommand SazZ injector), when you just downloaded the injector, the chrome/firefox/internet will detect the Injector a virus, why?

Because "Windows Security" will detect it, how can i disable the detection?

Simple, just go to "Windows Security" go to "Virus & threat protection" - "Virus & threat protection settings" - "Manage settings" and disable - "Real-time protection".




2. How you can inject a cheat? simple, you need to know if you have the injector or cheat OUTDATED you will get VAC BAN from Valve.

* - First open Injector (i will use SazZ injector because is secure to use).

You will see this : 


* - Write to "Process" this "csgo.exe".

* - Then go to "Add" and select the dll cheat, i will use BoyNextHook cheat.

* - And when you select the dll file press "Inject" and you can see this


* - The cheat is successfull injected! and you can go to CS:GO to see the cheat and play with it, you can close the menu tap from "Insert" buttom 



3. Why anti-virus detect your injector a virus? Because some injector need to disable the anti-virus, so how you can do this?

Just follow this : "Windows Security" go to "Virus & threat protection" - "Virus & threat protection settings" - "Manage settings" and disable - "Real-time protection".

And you can open your injector 😉.





Some question :

Why always i get Vac Ban from CS:GO?

Why my CS:GO crash when i inject the cheat?

Why when i spawn my CS:GO crash?



1. You get VAC BAN when your cheat is DETECTED, when you know your cheat is DETECTED?, you can see when you get VAC BAN, just be carefull when you inject a dll cheat.

2. When you inject a cheat you need to know some dll are OUTDATEDED, what this mean?, this mean the CS:GO when get a update you need to change some things in your cheat, but sometimes some cheat don t need this, so you can enjoy it.

3. When you spawn in CS:GO and you get crash, that mean the Offsets of that cheat is not the good Offsets and need to change.





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