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Nouman Mazhar

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Hello guys, Im looking for configs with skins enabled. Im tired of having to manually set skins every time I start the game ( i change accounts a lot).

So if anyone has a config with the following, Id appreciate that:

Legit AA

Aim Assistance 

(basically all the legit stuff like back tracking and all) 

Skins for every weapon including gloves and knives. 


Also it would be way better if anyone could teach me how to make config, so I could edit my favorite legit cfg and add skins set up automatically to it. Id highly appreciate that. I've seen a lot of HVH / Rage configs, but hardly any for Legit. Please help ❤️

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i gotcha bro

requested config.cfg the aa inverter is set to x and it shows a red arrow of where your real body is

aimbot is really legit but you can do sick things with it

if the skins dont work i need to update that

and i dont suggest using legit aa if you are streaming

here ya go!


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