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otc cfg I really need help !!! onetap cracked cfg

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I'll be honest, I'm tired of losing because I don't have a good cfg, I'm seeing and testing the cfg they publish every day, but they're not good enough to kill the people I play with, so I'd like to know if People who read this can pass me the best cfg they have for a cracked blow and can play and not die constantly, I really want a cfg that has the best anti-aim and is extremely good aimbot, you can pass them through this forum or my discord: Frennec # 6803 I accept the private cfg, cfg for onetap cracked. thanks

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1 hour ago, ApixMRZ said:

my friends play with otc but them cfg are very good


as I said is more about the playstyle than ur cfg  change ur playstyle  and  test every option  that otc have so u know how  to make ur cfg better  my cfg took like 4 month to be a god cfg  just keep testing it  and  fix ur playstyle 

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On 2/19/2020 at 3:31 AM, HighAxolotol said:

30% is the cfg 70% is the playstyle  try to change ur playstyle  and try to test ur cfg with someone who is also using OTC cuz otc  have  outdated source code  other   cheats have a better wallbang , rage ect and is harder to win vs them   

can you give me your cfg

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