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Why OT crash when i shoot.

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So we know onetap v2 has some probleme and some bug, and crash.

Some bugs are reported like.

Why when i shoot my game crash?

Why when i use legitbot dosen t work?

Why when i throw a granade my game crash?


So from my experience with onetap v2 i can answer this questions.

1) When you shoot and you have rage mode activated, try to disable "Pitch Resolver".

2) LegitBot on onetap dosen t work, because this cheat is an HVH cheat and the LegitBot don t work unfortunately, if you want to play competitive you can play with AA "Anti-Aim".

3) When you throw a grenade and you take damage from your own grenade you get crash. why? because this is a probleme with the source, the owner of the source need to resolve the probleme, but stay carefully when you throw a grenade.


This is my answer for this questions, i don t know exactly if this are the probleme if you get crash.

If you have more question, just reply this topic.


get good get sad...

you want some config?

just contact me.

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