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crack OneTap.su Crack DEAD !!! *maybe*

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So I did some research on depot's and other stuff, nothing helped 😞 !

These are all the depot's I found

download_depot 730 732 3868869360566846113
download_depot 730 732 5126593611746446425
download_depot 730 732 3096163503855543140
download_depot 730 732 3043193597996656702
download_depot 730 732 970877605413643753
download_depot 730 735 3867231304834558645

Sadly nothing came up working.

It is maybe time to say goodbye to OneTap.su v2 Crack 😢.1581509491212.thumb.png.6b25f11db1de33f13e0dbd0816ad6cd4.png

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Just now, Diogo Kaique Lima said:

expect . I'm very sad.

I will post a working .dll as soon I find a working one 🙂 

EDIT: I'm searching for 5 hours now on russian forums and other websites .

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6 minutes ago, Krissitoi said:

Just keep waiting, there's still hope 😛

There actually is, Nixware is updated, so it comes close to mind that OTc will get updated soon. 

Just checked and Nixware got updated 15  hours ago or so.

Let's just wait for now and god bless tommorow we will have OTC again.

Fatality.win Crack died, but OneTap.su Crack is not going to die imo.


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