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detected Hiana - Free cheat for CS:GO [CSGOSimple]

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1) Download the archive.
2) Create a folder where it is convenient for you, throw " hiana.dll" and the injector in this folder.
3) Run CS:GO, and then the injector as an administrator. We are waiting for the inscription " Injected successfully!"

DOWNLOAD HACK: Hiana_-_28.03.20.zip

SOURCE: https://github.com/spirthack/CSGOSimple

Coder: @Mokerikun



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59 minutes ago, sad... said:

The cheat is DETECTED so hope you have VAC-Bypass for play with this cheat 🙂

Undetected i played in prime account .

If you play in anger mode, or else you see that you lose to others that if it was detected

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I used this hack from it's post until now, it was the same injector + dll as u download from here.

But now it happens to the Injector, in my windows, started to give a warn that it's a virus. 

Any one knows why this might happen? This is still undetected btw

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