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important Basic Rules!


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If a violation occurs, the user receives a warning (1 point or more):

  1. It is forbidden to create threads in the sections to which they relate.
  2. Prohibited from insulting forum participants in any form.
  3. it is forbidden to show racial, national and religious hostility, promote terrorism, extremism, drugs and other topics.
  4. it is forbidden to place referral links without specifying the main link.
  5. it is forbidden to upload files to file sharing sites with payment for downloading. This item also includes paid link shorteners.
  6. it is forbidden to upload files without specifying a link to VirusTotal
  7. It is forbidden to create topics with the dissemination of intimate information, as well as to create threads with questions about where it can be distributed.
  8. Don't be rude to our staff.
  9. Posting a topic without download link, or just an youtube video is not allowed.
  10. Don't beg to get ur Topic approved..You will get ignored.
  11. Unknown Sites giveaways are prohibited!

In case of violation, the user gets unlimited blocking of the profile:

  1. Advertising of extraneous resources in any form is prohibited.
  2. Registration of multiple accounts on the forum is prohibited.
  3. DDoS and distribution of information related to DDoS services, carding, viruses, and child porn is prohibited.
  4. It is forbidden to publicly make claims and discuss the actions of the administration. If you have any complaints about editing, closing, or deleting topics or messages, contact the administrators.
  5. It is forbidden to register under nicknames consisting of a set of meaningless letters/numbers/symbols (123456, asfohasdof, 1124uhl12jsda), as well as containing obscene language or offensive phrases.
  6. It is forbidden to publish/sell / buy personal data: passport, birth, marriage, divorce certificates, any information about real estate, card numbers.
  7. Fraud is prohibited: to throw people, to breed for money or any other things that have material value.


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