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undetected CheatzApp v1.0.4.0 [Injector and Many More Features]

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Current Version:

This is an injector made from me, Cheatz and More. This can be used in any x86 games. For example this works with CSGO, CSS, CS 1.6, and many more games.

This also contains more features as listed down below. They are locked until you registered to unlock the private section.

------------------ ! FEATURES ! ------------------

  • Injector - [Better than my other version]
    • Supports x86 processes and modules
    • Kernel32
  • Web browser [For Fun]
  • Easy cheats download
  • Support Panel
  • Proxy Grabber
  • Built in update checker
  • Extra Stuff [Links]
  • Music Player
  • Discord Spam Tools
  • Auto Clicker
  • Click Speed Tester

------------------ ! IMAGES !  ------------------







------------------ ! DOWNLOADS !  ------------------

Change Logs - CLICK HERE




CheatzApp - https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/62cd4ede9af0b80f979fdccad83f64580a7e496b016b94fb79dfa094d9dc65d1/detection

SazInjector- https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/e0721736500085b4802050ab150b9c7fdaf4d576dca4d8ffe82d9be195a3e73f/detection


------------------ ! OTHER STUFF !  ------------------

My YT Channel :  CLICK HERE

Discord : CLICK HERE

Edited by CheatzAndMore
v1.0.4.0 Release

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37 minutes ago, itzlit said:

imma add all of this to my injector. Hehehehehe

I'm going to take that as a complement.

and I am going to add a quote section and add this.

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2 hours ago, CheatzAndMore said:

v1.0.4.0 Released

Thats cool and a nice injector Good job buddy ❤️


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