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undetected Onetap.su crack fix 25/11/19 + Depot (outdated)

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you have to disable auto scope and it will work

9 minutes ago, JohnsonShampoo said:

I did what the OP said, but that way the cheat does not work with any scoped gun, except AUG. That means that you cannot play with AWP, Scout and Scar. The hack just doesn't shoot with those, so don't waste your time.


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it still autoscope for me even if it is off and the hitchance too is off why? i used the lit injector too

EDIT: i found the SOLUTION FOR ME....... YOU NEED TO DESELECT ALL THE SELECTED WEAPONS IN RAGEBOT and turn off the autoscope and turn off the AUTOMATIC FIRE because u can't scope if it is on and u have to manually fire :'D  , its ok to turn on the HITCHANCE.. And it works now for mee yay🙂


EDIT 2: it's okay to turn on automatic fire if it is an assault rifle and pistols but no scope guns i think its ok on AUG?.. end

EDIT 3 : PRIASE MEEEEEE if this fix your too

EDIT 4: u can turn on automatic fire as long as ur already scope and the autoscope is off because its not auto scoping anymore????? wtf 

EDIT 5: i post a vid now.... there's no input in hitchance because i'm to know if it works or not but i guess it works


Annotation 2019-11-24 120357.png

2019-11-26 15-44-52.zip

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try to fix otc
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