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undetected Aurora Free - CSGO Legit AA / Anti kick / Inventory changer

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Status: UNDETECTED | Version: 27/09/2019 | Developer: Aurora Hack

Become a CS:GO God right now!
* Many features!
* Intuitive interface!
* Nice design!
* Maximum reliability!
* Completely free!




Important!!! ( -disable_d3d9ex )


Disable this startup option, here's how to DO it:
1. Open the game library.
2. Right - click on the CS:GO game.
3. Select properties, then set launch options.
4. In the box WRITE: -disable_d3d9ex
5. Save by clicking OK.
NOW Aurora cheat will work fine.

Site: https://aurora-project.ru/

DOWNLOAD HACK: crashhandler.zip


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On 9/27/2019 at 11:29 AM, $ane$ said:

sorry but credits goes to KATE

and ur so dumb re-posting cheater.fun stuff

the one on cheater.fun doesnt have working shit, this one has

mate seriously, kate disabled some features, i dont know why, neither will you

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What the fuck is anti kick ? Anti afk kick? cuz i toggled on anti kick and got vote kicked ezily.


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