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ONETAP.SU fix cheat 20/09/2019


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1. In the browser search, insert  steam://nav/console
2. Right from your inductors must emerge the writing CONSOLE, goes in it.
3. There are already prescription download_depot 730 732 778105160383016210
4. Wait for it to load. When loaded, go on this way: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\content\app_730\depot_732
5. Toss all of the folders depot_732 to the folder with xkoi, agreeing on a replacement.
6. Open cs and inject dll from this theme

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4 minutes ago, anthony221 said:

i dont know what this means


im in the "depot_732" folder but do i have to put it in the csgo folder?
probably right?


and what is xkoi


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 lol thats xkoi XD

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Yeap i can't play VAC secure servers because the depot files don't have a signature or something like that.

Tried to type -secure in launch setting and it didn't  work

Nevermind got it working. Anyone who's having trouble with the problem above you need to copy and replace 
Not drag and replace.


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