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Source code ESP For Pubg Mobile 0.14 #SAFU_IRAQ#


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Hi! You've probably always dreamed of your own hack on the game PUBG Mobile? If so, then you have the opportunity! You can download a ready-made solution to create your own hack on PUBG Mobile with the Wallhack (ESP) function to see the enemies behind the textures (see screenshot). Follow the instructions and you will succeed ?



1- Visual Studio 2015 or Up.
2-Dirext X SDK(2010).
3-BlueStack or LDPlayer Emulator.
4-PUBG Mobile 0.14 


1- Open The Source Project . 

2-In Visual Studio Go to Project -> SAFUIRAQ Properties -> VC++ Directories , Go To Include Directories And Put The Path Of Directx Include Folder. For Example My Path Is C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010)\Include

3-In Same Window Go To Library Directories And Put The Path Of DirectX Library Folder For Example My Path Is C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010)\Lib\x86

4-Use x86 Debug Type.

Future Work:
1-We Need To Run This Hack On GameLoop Emulator If Any One Know How I Hope To Explain That.
2-We Need To Dump The Game And Disassemble It By IDA And Find Static Enemies Address And Other Things .
3-We Need To Improve This Hack To Be More Fast And Reliable And Work Smooth .
4-This Hack Eat From CPU Resources About 20-30, But In Future Ff We Use Static Address By Find UWorld Will Work Good With CPU Usage Not More Than 5-10 ,And We Will Be Find The Enemies Address And Draw In One Second Or Less !

1- This Hack Work With PUBG Mobile v0.14 Last Update .
2- If Any One Can Improvement The Code To Run In GameLoop The Scan Time Will Be More Fast.


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