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undetected PUBG Radar - 1 Day $1.5 - The safest hack


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Radar is the cheapest and the safest cheat for PUBG.
Features: RadarHack(Players, Loot, Weapons, Vehicles, Misc).
Main Feature: You can play PUBG from your PC and use the radar from another device(smartphone, tablet, laptop or etc). Therefore, the radar is a brilliant cheat for streams.
Status: UNDETECTED(From December 2019).
All clients: Steam, Kakao and etc.
Supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Supports all processors.
The product is optimized and will not affect your FPS.
Detailed settings allow you to customize the radar for yourself.
We provide a spoofer for free for our customers.








About the purchase process:
1. During payment, you enter the data on which an account will be created on our website.
2. If you already have an account, just enter your details.

you can buy a subscription using the links below (clickable)

1 day - $1.5
5 days - $5
15 days - $11
30 days - $16

Waiting for your purchases and reviews!
My discord if u have any questions LuckyLuciano#4360

If you want to buy with PayPal, write to me in discord

Thanks to the collaboration with corsair, you can buy a cheat with a discount of 8%
Use woodenDISforU when paying and you will get a discount!

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On 10/23/2021 at 9:56 PM, randomdude69 said:

it's been 3 months since you guys still not releasing the new update why you guys still selling this?  this isn't working anymore and users in your forums are complaining that they are waiting for almost 3months already

because we are busy updating other games. the update will be out soon. everyone is waiting for the update. and we made another cheat for pubg. I will post soon

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